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Concrete Hardness

Concrete Hardness We are ultimately in the business of coating concrete.  Before we coat the concrete we have to grind the surface of it down to expose the inner sponge like structure so that our products can penetrate it and hold on tightly for a bond that will never let up.  It seems weird to […]

Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC I had an excellent trip yesterday to the great country of Canada.  We met with Dwight Genge who is the Global Garage Flooring and Design© distributor for British Columbia. We met him at a fantastic restaurant along with his son.  After lunch we went out to a job site where he was doing a […]

Back to School

September is back to school month.  It means several things.  Summer is over, the kids are back in school, work gets more intense because everyone is back from vacation and it is a good time to look at life from a new perspective.  Interestingly enough more people look at starting a new franchise in September […]

Fearing Armorall

We fear Armorall because it makes it hard to put down our or anyone else’s floors over concrete.  Once we have coated the concrete you can use it all you want. Let’s discuss why this is.  Armorall is made from a chemical called Polydimethylsiloxane or PDMS.  This group of chemicals are commonly called Silicones.  They […]

Why Did my DIY Garage Floor Peal Up?

I wish I had a dollar for every person that has asked me why their DIY Painted Garage Floor started to peel up. Very often the first part of our discussion surrounds this topic. They did it themselves and the paint peeled up starting where the tires of the car first hit the concrete surface. […]