Earth Day Garage Cleaning Gains Space and Green

Earth Day is April 22nd and that’s an excellent time to clean out your garage. Chances are that you have a lot of things in your garage that can be recycled, upcycled, sold or repurposed so you’d be doing your part for the Earth and your garage and you might make a little cash in the process. At Global Garage Flooring & Design, we want everyone to have a garage they can be proud of so whatever your motivation; spring cleaning, Earth Day or getting ready for a new garage floor or makeover, we have some suggestions of where to get rid of your stuff.


Busy corner of an overloaded garage.


Recycle Locally.
Most municipalities have recycling centers so naturally that can be your first stop. There is usually someone there that will direct you where things go in other words, TVs go in a different place than mattresses. The only downfall is depending on the size of your recycling center, they may not take large items, or hazardous materials and that could include many things from fluorescent lights to TVs. In fact some places make you pay to leave a large console TV.

The first directory is simply a recycle search.  In using it, many of the places were far so it depends on what places are registered, but it’s a place to start. You can plug in your location and what the item is and it will show you via a pin on a map as well as a list of places nearest you that will accept your items.


Electronics Recycling.
It can be scary thing if you are getting rid of a computer or something that contains personal information. It’s always best if you can wipe the information but sometimes chargers get lost etc. and you don’t have that option. For these reasons you want to take it to a certified electronics recycler. There are no guarantees unless you wipe the device yourself but this is highly preferable to surrendering it to garbage pickup. Check out this electronics recycling site to find out more about certified recyclers. There is a map, so you can find places all over the U.S.

Dispose Properly of Hazardous Waste.
You may want to read this before you dismiss the fact you might have Hazardous Waste to get rid of. It’s almost guaranteed that every household has at least one if not more items that are considered hazardous waste. A few common examples are:
Harsh chemical cleaners
Weed killers
You can be fined if you don’t dispose of them correctly, and even worse, you can potentially harm a person or the environment. 

Sell stuff Online.
Do you have Outgrown kids toys or other things that cost just enough that you don’t want to throw them away? Those things can be put on Ebay, or a town-wide Facebook Marketplace  or Let Go. Additionally, here is a directory that lists a bunch of sites and apps you can use to get some cash for your gently used items like clothes, instruments, electronics and much more. 

Have it hauled away.
If you have sorted everything out and you are left with junk, you can always call 1-800-GOT JUNK or click the link and have it hauled away. 

Once your garage is clean and you have some extra cash, Global Garage Flooring & Design can help you design a space that you can store new stuff more efficiently employing walls, and ceilings and have a beautiful new floor that can cut down on dust so you can use your garage for more than just storing old junk!

Organized garage with new chip floor and new cabinets



The Global Garage Franchisee Remodeled your Garage

Now, how are you going to keep your garage clean?

You’ve just had a Global Garage Franchisee come and remodel your old stinky garage.  You have a brand new garage floor that is the envy of the neighborhood, you have new cabinets that sparkle and shine and all of your gizmos, doohickeys, shovels, tools and toys are hanging on the slat wall, organized and accessible.  Now what are you going to do?  Are you going to let your garage deteriorate into the same old stinky mess?  Or, are you going to keep it beautiful?

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Boys Being Boys in Seattle, WA

We found these two causing trouble last week in Seattle, WA.  Global Garage Flooring & Design CEO, Lance Jensen, dropped in on his little brother Kris and surprised him with a new Polyaspartic garage floor!  The Jensen boys worked together to make the magic happen, transforming the vintage garage in only one day.  They chose Brook Trout Chips to perfectly complement this retro, Seattle waterfront home while providing a much needed upgrade to the failing concrete.  Work hard, play hard!  That’s our motto at Global Garage.  Interested in opening a Global Garage Flooring & Design Franchise?  Learn more at

Jensen3 Jensen2 Jensen4IMG_5485Jensen5


Cabin Fever in Chelan, WA

How does the CEO of Global Garage Flooring & Design spend his vacation?  Working hard so he can play hard!  Our company president, Lance Jensen, devoted his holiday vacation to his family cabin located on beautiful Lake Chelan in Washington State.  This rustic family home was built by Lance’s father and is the ideal spot to unplug and unwind.  The cabin, intentionally built with no frills, is always ready to accommodate kids, pets and all kinds of outdoor fun.  Lance got to thinking that a polyaspartic/chip floor would spruce the place up and prepare it for the next generation of rough and tumble Jensen children20151212_213746.  As usual, his plan worked wonders!  With the help of his 2 sons he transformed the downstairs sleeping quarters into a new and improved lodge.  We think the new floors (and walls) look fantastic and serve as further proof that our custom flooring isn’t just for the garage.  Interested in transforming your home or becoming a Global Garage Franchisee?  Learn more at

Awards, Awards, Awards, Global Garage of Central New Jersey does it AGAIN!

Michael Iannuccilli the Global Garage of Central New Jersey franchisee is no stranger to awards.  As a kid he won many awards in both scholastics and sports.  From mathematics to baseball and basketball if there was a trophy, it went on the Iannuccilli family mantel!

Now that he is all grown up his awards theme has continued.  Last year he won distinguished awards from both “RedLine Garage Gear” and the “Metropolitan Builders & Contractors Association of NJ.”  He also won the award of Global Garage’s Franchisee of the year!  Lance Jensen, CEO of Global Garage said “It seems like there are no bounds to Mike’s drive for excellence!  I wish we had 100 franchisees just like him!!”

Now, just like in the past he has won another award.  This was from House and Home Magazine where he was voted “Best of House & Home” in the Garage Floor Resurfacing category.  According to Frank Liantonio of House and Home magazine.  This didn’t come from the office it came from a vote of the readers themselves.  That means Mike’s customers got on the website and cast enough votes to elect him as the best.  It was his customers whom he has served with that same drive for excellence that he did as a kid.

Once again Mike is winning awards and keeping the Iannuccilli family mantel full.

Builders Associaton RedlineHouse & HomeJPG

garage floor paint

Polyaspartic Finishes and Garage Floor Paints – A Breakdown

When it comes to garage flooring and finishing, Global Garage Flooring & Design has some expert advice. As garages become more of a point of pride than a point of entry to most homes, your garage floor deserves the very best.

There are many garage flooring solutions available, but none can viably compare with the polyaspartic finish. Global Garage Flooring & Design specializes in its patented polyaspartic surfacing, providing a quality of garage floor that is arguably the most cost effective, resistant, and beautiful. Paint finishes, another popular form of garage floor finishing, boasts less resilience, durability, longevity, and protection.

Of course, the resistance and resilience to chemicals that varying paint products will have will depend on their composition. One-part epoxy and two-part epoxy paints will be more resistant than standard acrylic paint, for example. However, polyaspartics feature a three times the resistance to chemicals than epoxy, making polyaspartics the clear choice for those seeking a better long-term solution to address their garage flooring needs.

Paint finishes are also susceptible to hot-tire pickup, meaning paint particles will adhere to hot tires when the two surfaces meet. As a result, paint needs to be reapplied often, sometimes in as little as months after the initial application. Polyaspartic finishes can take the heat, resulting in no hot-tire pickup. This means that polyaspartic finishes need not be reapplied regularly.

The degree of protection provided by paint finishes again depends on the paint’s chemical composition. However, even the most epoxy-laden paint products cannot compare with polyaspartic finishes when it comes to protecting the underlying concrete.

Paint finishes can often be custom designed and applied. However, polyaspartic finishes are just as customizable, with beautiful custom inlays, chip, metallic and quartz patterns, to name a few.

When it comes to garage floor finishing, you deserve the very best. Experience the difference a polyaspartic garage floor finish can make with Global Garage Flooring & Design. Contact Global Garage Flooring & Design today for a free estimate. Most jobs are completed in one day, with the customer walking on it the next. Rediscover your garage with Global Garage Flooring & Design.

Staying Grounded – Exposing Garage Remodeling Myths

It’s easy to dream about owning a beautiful garage.  Maybe you have always wanted an awesome man-cave where you can display your favorite sports collections.  Or possibly you love gardening and crave a Pinterest-worthy gardening bench.  Regardless of your passion, we guarantee there’s space available in your garage to make your dreams come

The truth is, garage spaces are often overlooked, under-utilized and mis-managed.  With all this confusion, we thought we would clear up a few myths that may keep you from staying grounded in your garage.

Myth #1 – There’s not enough space for my stuff!

False!  While garages tend to fill up pretty quickly, keep in mind that these are typically one of the largest areas of the home.  They also routinely come without any storage spaces, forcing us to “pile” our belongings on the floor.  Our Global Garage Flooring & Design experts help homeowners design their garage space and create zones for storage and hobbies.  Global Garage offers cabinetry and vertical storage solutions that maximize every inch of your garage and get your gear off the floor.  All of a sudden, your garage doesn’t look so tiny!

Myth #2 – Garage remodels take too long, where do I put my stuff while it happens?

False!  Global Garage Flooring & Design can complete floor refinishing projects in a day by using our Polyaspartic finishing materials.  Available in a wide range of colors and textures, you can have your custom garage floor installed and completed in one day, even in rainy or colder temperatures.  In addition, they offer moisture barriers that will protect the life of your flooring for years to come.

Myth #3 – Custom garages cost too much.

False!  Garage remodeling has become as common as kitchen remodeling, at a fraction of the price.  A custom garage will add character, value and organization to your home.  Contact your local Global Garage Flooring & Design franchise for a free estimate today!

Polyaspartic Finishes and Garage Floor Mats – A Breakdown

Global Garage Flooring & Design is your resource when it comes to garage flooring and finishing. Specializing in polyaspartic garage floor finishes, Global Garage Flooring & Design has the information and expertise you need to take your garage to the next level.

While there are many garage flooring options available out there, polyaspartic finishes are arguably the most resilient, visually appealing, and cost effective. Garage floor mats are cheaper in quality and offer less resilience, durability, longevity, and poorer protection for underlying concrete.

Garage floor mats are available in a variety of materials, including vinyl, polyvinyl, and rubber. However, the heat from tires recently driven on results in hot-tire pickup, meaning particles of the mat will be transferred to the tire. Polyaspartic finishes on the other hand result in no hot-tire pickup. In addition, mats are installed by section, resulting in seems that are evident to the naked eye. These seems are not only visually unappealing, but result in water leaking through to the concrete beneath the mat, which can result in water damage to the concrete. In cooler climates, freezing worsens this water damage. Polyaspartic finishes are resilient to water and do not feature weak spots. And lastly, mats are designed to absorb oil and other chemicals that may be emitted by your vehicle. Rather than absorb these spills, polyaspartic finishes can repel them, resulting in an easier clean up and less chemical damage to the material. Mats are often the go-to solution for those who seek a customizable flooring solution. However, with polyaspartic flooring finishes, beautiful and customizable inlays are available. Another problem with flooring matts is that mold and mildew can grow under them where the water lays and makes them damp. This doesn’t happen with Polyaspartics because they are bonded to the floor.

Three times more resistant and resilient than epoxy, polyaspartic garage floor finishes simply outperform other garage flooring solutions. Typically installed in one day with the homeowner walking on them the next, polyaspartic floors will last a lifetime.

If you feel that your garage needs to be upgraded to a sturdy, chemical-resistant material, contact Global Garage Flooring & Design today for a free estimate. Your garage should be a point of pride, not a point of entry for your home. Contact Global Garage Flooring & Design today and rediscover your garage.

Deck Your Garage with Seasonal Storage


Fall is in the air, kids are back in school and your life is beyond busy again.  The last thing you have time for is dealing with the crisis looming in your garage.  Yet there it is…  Summer gear is still hanging out, waiting to be told the party is over.  Seasonal decorations are buried under last year’s ski equipment.  The chaos is overwhelming and you know it’s not going away all on its own.


You vow to de-clutter, you promise to live a simpler life, and then you decide to really do something about it and you hire a custom garage remodeling company – Global Garage Flooring & Design.


Global Garage Franchise Operators are skillfully trained to walk you through the fun and exciting process of garage remodeling.  We offer custom cabinet and storage solutions in all shapes, sizes and colors including wall organizers and vertical storage systems.  Once we have your belongings neatly put away and organized, we go ahead and resurface your garage floor with our unique Polyaspartic floor coating system.  Available in a wide variety of colors and textures, these coatings enhance your garage floor and transform your garage into a beautiful and well cared for living space.


For more information about Global Garage Flooring& Design or to find a dealer near you visit

Global Garage exhibit fall home show

Global Garage Flooring & Design to Exhibit at New Jersey Fall Home Show


Michael Iannuccilli, 908-892-4045

Global Garage Flooring & Design to Exhibit at New Jersey Fall Home Show

The New Jersey Fall Home Show, held in Somerset, will attract thousands of guests seeking modern home improvements. Free admission and hundreds of exhibitors is guaranteed to bring casual DIY homeowners and home improvement gurus alike. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, and garages are all areas of the living space that will have exhibits at the New Jersey Fall Home Show.

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