Earth Day Garage Cleaning Gains Space and Green

Earth Day is April 22nd and that’s an excellent time to clean out your garage. Chances are that you have a lot of things in your garage that can be recycled, upcycled, sold or repurposed so you’d be doing your part for the Earth and your garage and you might make a little cash in the process. At Global Garage Flooring & Design, we want everyone to have a garage they can be proud of so whatever your motivation; spring cleaning, Earth Day or getting ready for a new garage floor or makeover, we have some suggestions of where to get rid of your stuff.


Busy corner of an overloaded garage.


Recycle Locally.
Most municipalities have recycling centers so naturally that can be your first stop. There is usually someone there that will direct you where things go in other words, TVs go in a different place than mattresses. The only downfall is depending on the size of your recycling center, they may not take large items, or hazardous materials and that could include many things from fluorescent lights to TVs. In fact some places make you pay to leave a large console TV.

The first directory is simply a recycle search.  In using it, many of the places were far so it depends on what places are registered, but it’s a place to start. You can plug in your location and what the item is and it will show you via a pin on a map as well as a list of places nearest you that will accept your items.


Electronics Recycling.
It can be scary thing if you are getting rid of a computer or something that contains personal information. It’s always best if you can wipe the information but sometimes chargers get lost etc. and you don’t have that option. For these reasons you want to take it to a certified electronics recycler. There are no guarantees unless you wipe the device yourself but this is highly preferable to surrendering it to garbage pickup. Check out this electronics recycling site to find out more about certified recyclers. There is a map, so you can find places all over the U.S.

Dispose Properly of Hazardous Waste.
You may want to read this before you dismiss the fact you might have Hazardous Waste to get rid of. It’s almost guaranteed that every household has at least one if not more items that are considered hazardous waste. A few common examples are:
Harsh chemical cleaners
Weed killers
You can be fined if you don’t dispose of them correctly, and even worse, you can potentially harm a person or the environment. 

Sell stuff Online.
Do you have Outgrown kids toys or other things that cost just enough that you don’t want to throw them away? Those things can be put on Ebay, or a town-wide Facebook Marketplace  or Let Go. Additionally, here is a directory that lists a bunch of sites and apps you can use to get some cash for your gently used items like clothes, instruments, electronics and much more. 

Have it hauled away.
If you have sorted everything out and you are left with junk, you can always call 1-800-GOT JUNK or click the link and have it hauled away. 

Once your garage is clean and you have some extra cash, Global Garage Flooring & Design can help you design a space that you can store new stuff more efficiently employing walls, and ceilings and have a beautiful new floor that can cut down on dust so you can use your garage for more than just storing old junk!

Organized garage with new chip floor and new cabinets


garage floor paint

Polyaspartic Finishes and Garage Floor Paints – A Breakdown

When it comes to garage flooring and finishing, Global Garage Flooring & Design has some expert advice. As garages become more of a point of pride than a point of entry to most homes, your garage floor deserves the very best.

There are many garage flooring solutions available, but none can viably compare with the polyaspartic finish. Global Garage Flooring & Design specializes in its patented polyaspartic surfacing, providing a quality of garage floor that is arguably the most cost effective, resistant, and beautiful. Paint finishes, another popular form of garage floor finishing, boasts less resilience, durability, longevity, and protection.

Of course, the resistance and resilience to chemicals that varying paint products will have will depend on their composition. One-part epoxy and two-part epoxy paints will be more resistant than standard acrylic paint, for example. However, polyaspartics feature a three times the resistance to chemicals than epoxy, making polyaspartics the clear choice for those seeking a better long-term solution to address their garage flooring needs.

Paint finishes are also susceptible to hot-tire pickup, meaning paint particles will adhere to hot tires when the two surfaces meet. As a result, paint needs to be reapplied often, sometimes in as little as months after the initial application. Polyaspartic finishes can take the heat, resulting in no hot-tire pickup. This means that polyaspartic finishes need not be reapplied regularly.

The degree of protection provided by paint finishes again depends on the paint’s chemical composition. However, even the most epoxy-laden paint products cannot compare with polyaspartic finishes when it comes to protecting the underlying concrete.

Paint finishes can often be custom designed and applied. However, polyaspartic finishes are just as customizable, with beautiful custom inlays, chip, metallic and quartz patterns, to name a few.

When it comes to garage floor finishing, you deserve the very best. Experience the difference a polyaspartic garage floor finish can make with Global Garage Flooring & Design. Contact Global Garage Flooring & Design today for a free estimate. Most jobs are completed in one day, with the customer walking on it the next. Rediscover your garage with Global Garage Flooring & Design.

Comparing and Contrasting the Performance of Common Garage Floor Finishes

garage floor finishes

When taking in your property as a whole, it isn’t hard to see that the garage has more potential than any other part of your home. While living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms have their functions railroaded, the garage has limitless possibility. Whether you want an amateur showroom, workshop, man-cave, home gym, storage space, car park, or a combination of any of these, the garage can handle it, given the right flooring and design.

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garage franchise services

Why Global Garage Flooring Franchise Services are in Demand

Global Garage flooring franchises have been outperforming other concrete flooring franchises for years, but why is this, exactly? There are a considerable number of concrete epoxy franchises and garage storage-solving companies out there, after all, so what makes Global Garage so special? Read on to learn how Global Garage Flooring stays in demand in an increasingly competitive industry!

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3 Reasons Global Garage Flooring Outperforms Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

There has been a considerable amount of content made available online and by home maintenance authorities that highlights the dangers of a barren concrete floor in your garage. The porous surface of exposed concrete is a nightmare to clean, and is equally unpleasant to slip and fall on. Over time, exposed concrete breaks down under constant exposure to salt, spills, hot tires, and condensation. This gives water streamlined access to your home’s concrete foundation, and foreshadows some serious home upkeep issues over the long term. Beyond the risks to your home, concrete floors are just plain ugly, leaving little inspiration for a cool reclaimed garage space.

Home owners are learning about the dangers and drawbacks of exposed concrete flooring every day, so the demand for easy and efficient garage floor coatings never wavers. Are you familiar with the difference garage floor coats on the market? Some home owners try to slap a quick coat of paint onto their concrete to act as a makeshift sealant, but a few days of parking with friction-heated tires will cause unsightly paint peeling. Two popular professional options are conventional epoxy garage floor coating, and Global Garage Flooring’s patented polyaspartic coating. Read on to see how these two professional options stack up, and to learn 3 reasons why Global Garage Flooring’s patented polyaspartic coating outperforms its competitors!

Epoxy garage floor coating has some adherence issues.

Many conventional epoxy garage floor coatings do not adhere very well in certain conditions. The cold-to-warm climate change that we are seeing now can cause some condensation to build up on concrete, which can be a nightmare for epoxy installers. In these moist environments, epoxy adheres quite poorly. The finished product will be quite prone to lifting and peeling.

Contrast this with Global Garage Flooring’s patented polyaspartic coating, which can be applied year-round in a single day. It does not matter how humid or rainy the weather forecast is looking – if you call in the Global Garage Flooring experts, they will arrive on time and deliver stunning results. This special polyaspartic blend guarantees high-quality installation results with its incredible adhesion to concrete. You will not need to worry about lifting or peeling at all. Best of all, Global Garage’s patented polyaspartic floor coating can be driven on mere hours after installation, so that you can get back to that workshop project or the big game!

Epoxy garage floor coating can be time-consuming.

When installing epoxy garage floor coatings, you will need to take several steps in preparation to ensure proper adhesion. Because moisture can lead to peeling, the concrete must be thoroughly cleaned and otherwise prepped before the first layer can be applied. But even after all of this scrubbing and blotting is behind you, you are only just getting started. Epoxy garage floor coatings need to be applied one layer at a time, requiring that each preceding layer dries completely before the next is applied. This can drag your installation out over days.

Once again, Global Garage polyaspartic coatings offer you a better alternative. Your installation will be completed in a single day, you can then walk on it the next day and drive on it the day after that.

Epoxy garage floor coatings can be slippery when wet.

One major drawback for epoxy floors in a workshop environment is that this floor coating can be tricky to navigate safely if it becomes wet. Wetness happens in the garage, whether from a fumbled glass, leaky oil filter, or when storing still-wet pool equipment. Fortunately, Global Garage’s polyaspartic coating keeps you safe. Not only is the Global Garage option easy to clean, but it can have built-in slip-resistance so that you can minimize your chances of taking a tumble.

If you would like to learn more about high-performing polyaspartic coatings, visit and give us a call, or fill out our online form!

Why Seamless Garage Floors Make Sense

Why Seamless Garage Floors Make Sense

Over the years, the Global Garage flooring team has received thousands of calls from customers looking to have a polyaspartic floor coating lain over their current concrete floor. These requests have come from a diverse client base with different garage ideas in mind, from artists looking for a stain and slip-resistant floor for their garage gallery, to rugged contractors and mechanics who want to bring their workshops home with them.

Truthfully, we likely get as many different reasons from customers as to why they chose our patented polyaspartic coatings as we get requests. Many people come to us for because our patented polyaspartic formula produces a floor coating result that outperforms polyurethane and epoxy coatings with its chemical and abrasion-resistance. Some people seek us out after reading reviews from previous clients boasting about the longevity, UV-resistance, and good-as-new appearance of their floors years later. Others give us a call because they want the job done as fast as it is efficient.

Recently, though, the Global Garage team has been getting attention because of the growing value people are placing on seamless floors. Every Global Garage customer ends their installation day with a sealed and seamless floor, and people are starting to catch on to why this is such a good thing. Read on to learn 3 reasons why seamless garage floors make sense and suit any garage idea!

Seamless floors are easy to clean and tough to soil.

Our flawless polyaspartic floor coatings leave little room for dirt to gather. Porous concrete will grip grime, salt, and stains, and turn your best mop and broom into a fraying mess. In contrast, polyaspartic floor coatings are smooth and sealed. This means that spills pool on top of a sealed, easy-to-clean coating rather than sinking in, and dirt is always vulnerable to a simple sweep-up. Since you don’t have anywhere for dirt to disappear into, you can sweep fast and freely without worrying above steering away from seams.

Seamless floors also mean thatharsh cleaning chemicals will be unable to pool in these tiny spaces between tiles. When this happens, the caustic cleaning compounds concentrate their corrosive power and put your floors at risk. Global Garage’s floors have no seams so that this is never an issue, and the chemical-resistance of the patented polyaspartic floor coating formula is enough to stand up to some of the worst cleaners on the market.

The ease of cleaning provided by Global Garage’s seamless floors makes them the perfect choice for any garage idea you might have in mind. Spilled beer from the Monday Night Football games you host or splattering oil from your home filter change are no problem with a seamless polyaspartic floor coating in place!

Seamless floor are safe.

Coarse concrete floors or those with noticeable seams pose a constant tripping hazard. Who hasn’t caught the tread of their boot or the tip of their toe in a seam while walking? You may have staggered rather than slipped outright, but in some garages even a single misstep can be a big problem. Whether you are storing precious belongings or sharp and dangerous tools, seamless floors allow you to completely eliminate the risk of damages dealt or suffered from an accidental fall.


Seamless floors are stylish.


With Global Garage’s stains, inlays, and chip or quartz designs, home owners have the option of using their garage floor coating as another feature of their home’s overall aesthetic. Consider the difference between a beautiful painting that is painted on one seamless canvas in contrast to the same painting stitched together on many small canvas squares. Global Garage floor coatings let you enjoy the former without any distracting seams that pull the eye from the overall design.


If you would like to learn more about Global Garage’s seamless single-day polyaspartic floor coating installation, contact us now at 1-800-793-7898!


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Commercial flooring in Hackensack NJ

When this expanding audio/video company was looking for additional warehouse space they found it in this 8,000 square foot space in Hackensack NJ.  Mike Valentino of MVP painting was tasked with painting the interior walls of the space. When asked if he had any solutions for the floor he was kind enough to recommend Global Garage of Central NJ. Once Michael was done painting we went in and applied our polyaspartic concrete coating in our 1/4 inch Brook Trout finish.

2015-03-20 11.35.492015-03-20 11.35.23


2015-03-20 11.36.112015-03-20 11.35.54











Cleaning Tips for Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Cleaning Tips for Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Global Garage’s patented polyaspartic floor coatings are some of the toughest coatings in the industry. Measured as being 3-times as strong and chemically resistant than conventional epoxy floor coatings, with additional UV and abrasion-resistant characteristics, Global Garage have distinguished themselves as an industry-leader when it comes to durable yet decorative garage flooring.


Though their polyaspartic garage floor coatings are some of the best that the industry has to offer, it does not mean that home owner ought to be careless while cleaning them. Though they can stand up to hearty chemical cleaners and heavy-duty scrubbing, any responsible home owner will tell you about the value of proper maintenance with any aspect of their property.


Though Global Garage offers a single day, all-season application at an affordable rate, it does not assume too much to say that home owners would prefer to pay this fee one time, and use the capital that would be spent on repair costs to buy some amazing cabinetry, or otherwise outfit their reclaimed garage space. Keeping in line with this train of thought, Global Garage would like to offer home owners some straightforward cleaning tips to prolong the life and look of their new polyaspartic floor coatings.


Save the chemical resistance for surprise attacks:


Global Garage’s patented polyaspartic garage floor coating is extremely chemically-resistant and non-absorptive. Bernard Hopkins, the famed middleweight boxing champion who continues to defy Father Time, once said that he had a great chin, but “wasn’t going to let you test it.” You should take Hopkins’ advice when it comes to your floor coating, too. As chemically-resistant as it may be, why test it when you could save that durability for accidental grease and oil spills instead? If you have the choice of a less damaging cleaning product or procedure, you should always take advantage of that option.


It is advisable to choose a cleaner with a more neutral pH factor between 7 and 10. Similarly, home owners should try to avoid all-purpose cleaners that have water-soluble, inorganic, or crystallizing salts, or ingredients with extreme levels of acidity or alkalinity. Similarly, some sweeping compounds will have oils that can pose fire risks, and sands that will put polyaspartic abrasion-resistance to the test. While polyaspartic garage floors are built tough, home owners should try their best to preserve that toughest for unpredictable spills that are bound to happen in a busy garage workshop.


Perfecting the cleaning procedure for polaspartic garage floors:


Polyaspartic garage floors are slip resistant and their non-absorptive surface makes them relatively easy to sweep, mop, or scrub, but there are still some safety precautions you should consider before you break out the cleaning supplies.


Before you begin cleaning your polyaspartic garage floor for the first time, you should try to test out your chosen solution and technique on a small, specified area in your garage. This will help you determine whether or not you will end up leaving a film on the surface of your floor coating.


Simple Do’s and Don’t for Polyaspartic Garage Floor Cleaning and Maintenance



  • Test all cleaning products in a small test area.
  • Dust mop high-traffic areas of your floor daily to prevent grit being tracked onto your floor and wearing down the surface.
  • Scrub your floors once every 1-2 weeks, and rinse thoroughly to stop cleaners from building up a slippery coating.
  • Simple Green is our recommended cleaner.

Allow your cleaner enough time to work. They often need to sit atop your floor for a period of time to activate and loosen dirt and debris.DON’T

  • Apply surface waxes that can render your slip-resistant coating useless.
  • Use cleaners with imbalance pH that can gradually wear at your floor coating.
  • Mix cleaners.


Following these simple guidelines will help keep your polyaspartic floor coatings in mint condition for years to come. If you have any additional questions about cleaning and maintenance of your new floor, don’t hesitate to ask your installation expert, or to call Global Garage at 1-800-793-7898.

Epoxy Floor Coating for Garage Floors

Epoxy Floor Coating for Garage Floors

Epoxy Floor Coating for Garage Floors

Best Garage Flooring - 4 Reasons why Polyaspartics Makes for a Convenient Clean

Best Garage Flooring – 4 Reasons why Polyaspartics Makes for a Convenient Clean

With the winter winding to a close, many home owners across America are looking forward to cleaner garage floors after months of gritty snow and salt deposits left them with unsightly concrete stains. With shoveling the driveway and sidewalks already added to your list of chores, it is pretty impractical to fit in daily garage floor cleanings as well!


But what if you didn’t have to choose between either having a dirty workshop or having no time to use it? Global Garage’s patented polyaspartic floor coating system is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Read on to find four reasons why home owners across America are raising a soapy salute to Global Garage’s easy-to-clean polyaspartic floor coating system.


Polyaspartics are sealed shut.


Many home owners move in to their home and are dismayed to find barren concrete floors in the garage. These cold, bland surfaces make your garage feel more like a subway station than the workshop, gym, or sports lounge it is intended to be. Worse still, concrete is the perfect surface for accumulating dirt and concrete stains. Coarse, stiff, and porous, concrete will scrape the dirt right off of your tires or boots, and drink up any spilled chemicals, paint, or beverages. Soon, your wildcard room will be relegated to pure storage duty because of sidewalk-styled concrete stains.


A single day installation is all it takes for most standard garages to be treated to a polyaspartic seal. Polyaspartics are three-times as strong and chemically-resistant as standard epoxy floor coatings, and with this tough seal in place, spills will never become stains. The smooth surface of the Global Garage polyaspartic seal makes sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing extremely easy, and will not wear down your tools in the way that a coarse concrete surface will.


Polyaspartics are tough.


Polyaspartics are much more resistant to strong chemicals or abrasive contact, which means you can bust out the big guns when it is time to clean without having to worry about damaging your beautiful decorative floor. Chemical resistance means you can unleash heavy-duty cleaners on stubborn spills. Abrasive resistance means you can be liberal with the elbow grease.


Polyaspartics are safe.


A vigorous cleaning session can put you at risk of falling in many ways. The nature of the job has you lubricated your garage floor’s surface with slippery soaps and water, and the cleaning itself can have you leaning your weight into mops or scrubbers, or moving stored items to access hard-to-clean spots. Fortunately, Global Garage’s patent polyaspatric floor coatings can have a built-in slip resistance option to keep you on your feet so that you can focus on fighting tough grit instead of finding your footing.


Polyaspartics can be cleaned less often.


Perhaps one of their greatest assets is that polyaspartic floor coatings do not demand much of your time with cleaning duties. This means that an investment in Global Garage floors can pay you back in time saved over the long run. This is true for a few reasons.


First, the fact that polyaspartic floors have a smooth and non-porous surface means that there is no real urgency to clean if you are caught in an inconvenient moment, since your floors will not soak up whatever has spilled.


Finally, the decorative nature of our polyaspartic coatings cover up stains both figuratively and literally. Our 1-day floor coating installation will literally cover up any preexisting concrete stains with a beautiful decorative color or design. However, they also figuratively cover up stains in the sense that the Global Garage Chip Flooring option make stains extremely difficult to spot in their striking design.


If you are interested in learning more about the tough, fast, and easy-to-clean polyaspartic flooring coating system, contact Global Garage today at to learn more!