Firehouse with a Hot New Floor!

Oceanic H&L Company No. 1 added a new bay to their firehouse and hired Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey to install a hot new floor!


One of the oldest volunteer fire departments in Staten Island, NY, the Oceanic firehouse is a volunteer fire department located in the Travis neighborhood of Staten Island that works in cooperation with the New York City Fire Department.  This major facility upgrade added a new truck bay to their firehouse.  Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey coated the new concrete floor with Tile Red polyaspartic coating and personalized the job with a custom inlay of the firehouse shield.  Global Garage concrete coatings are 3X more durable than traditional epoxy coatings and will protect the shop floor from cracks and spills while providing a clean, polished finish.  Easy to clean and extremely durable, this new floor will easily withstand rough abuse and look as good as new at the end of a tough day.

Global Garage Flooring is ideal for your shop or garage interior.  Contact us and schedule our crew for your hot new floor!

Diamond-Grind- Concrete-Prep

Global Garage uses a diamond grind to prep the concrete floor.


Tile Red polyaspartic with Shield logo inlay.


Happily Ever After – Staten Island, NY

We found our latest epoxy victim in Staten Island, NY.  This 2-car garage was in desperate need of a magic potion and Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey came to the rescue!  A lot of elbow grease and a custom blended polyaspartic coating cured the failing floor and restored it to perfection.  Another sad epoxy story with a happy ending!  We can work our magic in your garage too. Contact us now at



Park It Here! – Wall, NJ

We’re Global Garage Flooring & Design and we can’t say it enough, a worn and tired garage floor will really bring down the overall appearance of your home.  No kidding!  These before and after pictures show a 2 car garage that Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey updated with their Polyaspartic and custom chip floor coatings.  The new garage floor is a dramatic improvement and completely improves the overall appearance of this beautiful home.  Our team of installation professionals makes the process fun and easy for you, we won’t steer you wrong!  Contact us today for a free estimate to remodel your garage, www.globalgarageflooring,com/CentralNewJersey.

Wall 3

Wall 2Wall 4

Workshop Floor in Somerset NJ

Here is another example of a smaller space utilizing our polyaspartic floor coating.  The homeowner of this space in Somerset NJ converted his garage into his wood working shop.  He was looking for a permanent solution to protect and beautify the concrete slab. He found it in our Rainbow trout chip finish.

2015-04-02 15.11.282015-04-02 15.11.20











Block Party In Somerset NJ

The owner of this home is hosting a block party in a few weeks. His existing epoxy flooring was in no shape to be on display for his neighbors.  When he decided to dress up his garage he called Global Garage Flooring of Central New Jersey. We applied our polyaspartic concrete coating in our 1/4″ Rainbow chip finish.  While we were there his neighbor was so impressed that he booked us to work on his garage!

2015-04-07 08.08.10 The BEFORE shot. Failed home center epoxy…again.








2015-04-07 15.00.18








2015-04-07 15.00.26











Lincroft NJ Garage Make Over!!!!

I love it when the homeowner gets as excited and energized about his garage remodel as I do! When I first went to see this homeowner in Lincroft NJ his garage was a complete mess. An old oil stained concrete slab with bare cinderblock walls and debris through out was what greeted me. Well before we arrived to work our magic on his floor, the homeowner cleaned out the garage and repainted the cinder block walls and support columns. To add a little more flare he painted  cool racing stripes along the wall. The cranberry and white walls with the black and white racing strips complimented our Devil’s Den chip blend perfectly. The homeowners were an absolute pleasure to work for and I want to thank them again for their hospitality.

2015-03-11 17.00.49








2015-03-11 17.01.09









2015-03-11 17.00.53










Failed Epoxy Floor in Readington NJ

We received a call from this homeowner in Readington NJ because his existing epoxy floor was failing just three years after it was installed. He contracted with one of the big homes stores who in turn subcontracted the job out. Upon the first signs of failing the homeowner called the home store and was told he needed to deal directly with the subcontractor. When he called the subcontractor all they did was send him a small sample of paint and told him to fix it himself. WHAT A DISASTER! Not only did the floor completely fail but it started out as a grey floor and faded into a greenish beige color. A perfect example of not only a poor job but even worse support form the home store as well as the subcontractor.

You will not have these issues with Global Garage Flooring and Design‘s polyaspartic concrete coating and we will guarantee that for the life of  your floor! This homeowner now has the peace of mind that the job was done correctly and will always have the support of their Global Garage franchise owner if the need ever arises! Check out these before and after pictures:

2015-02-26 09.39.52








2015-02-27 09.42.36








2015-02-27 09.42.45











6,000 Square Feet of Commercial Office space in North Bergen NJ

When this company needed to recoat their commercial office space due to a failing epoxy floor they called Global Garage of Central NJ.  We went in and removed the existing epoxy finish and coated the 1,500 sq ft lobby and 4,500 square feet of hallway with our polyaspartic floor coating in a 1/4″ Brown Trout finish. Thanks to the Global Garage crew for working after normal business hours and weekends to get the job done!


2015-02-23 02.43.09 2015-02-23 02.43.21 2015-02-23 02.45.202015-02-23 02.43.00


















Decorative Garage Flooring in Whitehouse Station NJ

This job is a perfect example of how Global Garage Flooring and Design can add that special decorative touch to your garage, basement or business showroom. We met with this homeowner in Whitehouse Station, NJ who expressed a desire to add a custom flare to his garage to compliment his contemporary designed home. After spending time going over the various finishes and decorative options we worked closely with the homeowner to arrive at a design that would surely be an attention getter.  The end result turned out spectacular. The pictures below will walk you through the process:

2015-02-02 08.50.22The BEFORE Picture!

This is what we had to start with. An epoxy floor put down just 5 years ago completely failing. You can see the flaking and peeling as the floor was delaminating due to improper surface preparation.





2015-02-03 10.21.52 The GRINDING PROCESS!

It took us a day but we removed every bit of the original epoxy floor as well as the very top layer of concrete. This allows our product to make a mechanical connection with the surface. The floor looks better already!!





2015-02-04 09.11.54 The TRANSFORMATION Continues!

After the grinding was complete, we applied our polyaspartic base coat in Sand Beige. Using chalk lines and painters tape we carefully laid out our three  picture frame designs.






2015-02-06 14.51.24 The FINAL RESULT!!!!!

We used three mediums to create the effect the homeowner envisioned. The picture frames were laid out using our Tahitian Red quartz finish. The inside of the picture frames were done in a 1/4″ Metallic Mica chip and for the outside area we used 1/8″ brown chip.




2015-02-06 14.48.13











Whitehouse Station NJ – Garage 1 of 2

We just recently completed a project for a home owner in Whitehouse Station that consisted of 2 garages.  The first garage, as shown in this post, was the existing 2 car garage that was attached to the main house. As you can see it was coated with an epoxy that was peeling and flaking off.  We grinded all the failing epoxy off the surface and applied our polyaspartic concrete coating in a 1/4″ Scottish Blue trout chip finish. We also applied  the same finish to there newly build detached three car garage.  See post  “Whitehouse Station NJ – Garage 2 of 2” for pictures of that project! The two garages were done over a two day period.

2015-01-19 07.51.08

2015-01-20 13.53.34








2015-01-20 13.53.25