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Hello, I am Carmen Iagulli and I am the owner of Global Garage Flooring of Charlotte. I look forward to working with you to organize, beautify and customize the garage of your dreams.

Rediscover Your Garage

What We Do

provides one stop shopping for your complete garage remodel.


Every garage remodel starts with the flooring. At Global Garage we offer several different finishes from the popular chip and quartz finishes to beautiful stain and metallic finishes.


Let’s have fun with this project. And what better way than to personalize your garage floor with a custom made inlay of your favorite sports team, company logo, or any other items that represent you and your interests.


We offer more than 250 cabinet choices with many options.From Slatwall hanging storage to overhead sturdy construction, we provide you with the ultimate cabinet and storage solutions that are easy to clean and the strongest in the industry.

Storage Solutions

We will work together to design the perfect storage solutions to unclutter your garage. From overhead storage to beautiful slot walls, we have hundreds of options to organize your garage.

Where We Do It

At Global Garage of Charlotte, we aren’t limited to just garages.

Our polyaspartic coating is designed for not only residential uses but also commercial and industrial uses. It’s slip resistant and UV resistant so it won’t yellow under the sun making it suitable for outdoor applications as well.