Garage Storage Solutions of the Highest Quality Designed to Fit Any Budget

Customized cabinetry systems designed for maximum efficiency and manufactured to the most premium standards. Our line of Powder Coated wood cabinets provide the homeowner with a wide range of flexible options. Whether you are looking to transform your garage into a modern day workshop or simply looking for an effective storage solution, we have the products and expertise to suit your needs. We work with you to develop a customized plan suited to your individual tastes that will help you dramatically enhance your garage and provide you with years of enjoyment. All of our storage systems are constructed with pride using only the highest quality materials available.

  • Powder Coated Wood Cabinets.  This is an Awesome, Durable finish and is hard to find anywhere else.
  • Many color finishes available
  • Custom Design for you Garage
  • Highest Quality Custom Cabinets Available on the Market
  • Rail mounted for tremendous durability and longevity


Global Garage Can Fix This!

Global Garage Can Fix This!

Garage Cabinets not Closet Cabinets is what you need in your garage!

The Garage is the best storage in the house. Don’t leave it to a cluttered shelf. We’ll come and custom design a cabinet solution that fits your garage and your pocket book.

Global Garage® has the finest garage cabinets in the industry. From our durable powder coated
doors to wall-hung, off-the-floor design, Global Garage® storage cabinets are built to last.

With more than 250 cabinet choices and different finishes you’re sure to find the cabinets to match
your requirements. Global Garage Cabinets work great, look great, and will last you a lifetime!

Slat Walls:

Slat walls are an excellent addition to any Garage. They are made so that our myriad of hooking
devices can hook anywhere into the wall so that you hang everything from gardening tools, to
skis, to bikes, to baskets and other racks on the wall. They are set up so that you have maximum
flexibility and can add or subtract any amount and type of hooks at any time.

Other Storage Solutions:

Sometimes you will need other storage solution beside cabinets and slat walls. When you need
overhead storage for those bulky “used once a year” items such as Christmas decorations we
have that too.


Global Garage will come to your home and custom design cabinets, slat walls and other storage
solutions that will fit not only your garage but your back pocket as well. You will receive a Free
Estimate for a custom garage at an off the shelf price. Contact us today to book your free estimate.

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