Global Garage Concrete Floor Stain

Concrete Dye Flooring System

flooring-stainGlobal Garage’s Concrete Dye system incorporates High quality Concrete dyes and Global Garage’s clear sealers to create a variety of brilliant decorative concrete finishes.

Our dyes are formulated to penetrate adequately prepared concrete and create variegated effects similar to reactive acid stains.

This system may be applied directly to concrete, stamped or stenciled concrete, and cementitious overlays. This system can make any concrete floor into a thing of beauty.

Our Polyaspartics are the finest floor on the market and will make your garage a pleasure to be in for a lifetime. Most jobs are installed in just 1 Day and you’ll be walking on it the next.

  • Safety

    • VOC Compliant
    • BPA Free
    • Slip Resistant
    • Easy to Clean
  • Residential

    • Garages, Basements, Patios, Driveways, Bonus Rooms, etc.
  • Commercial

    • Shops, Restaurants, Warehouses,
    • Hangars, Bathrooms, Schools,
    • Showrooms, etc.

  • Features and Benefits:

    • Patented: Simply not available anywhere else
    • Durable: 3X the hardness of standard Epoxies
    • Outstanding concrete adhesion
    • Chemical Resistance: 3X the Chemical resistance of standard Epoxies
    • USDA & FDA Approved: Anti-microbial surface
    • All climate Application: Apply down to -30 F
    • Green Friendly: Ultra-Lo VOC and zero VOC emitting coatings available. BPA Free
    • One Day Application: Allows you to walk on it the next day

Global Garage Stain is available in the following colors:




French Roast