Inside Out in Helotes, TX

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Global Garage Flooring and Design of San Antonio showed their stuff when they refinished the interior garage floor and exterior patio of this home in Helotes, TX.  We started in our favorite place, the garage!  A simple light gray pigment and polyaspartic top coating created a clean, crisp look for this concrete floor.  Then we stepped outside and polished the patio and stairs with a blended quartz finish.  These surfaces are weatherized and ready for company!  Treat your floors to a fresh new look, inside or out!  Contact us today at

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Dream Maker Workshop Renovation in San Antonio, TX

This week all the buzz was about this sweet garage remodel in the Braun Heights neighborhood of San Antonio, TX.  Global Garage of San Antonio helped renovate the existing garage of this home into a customized workshop complete with a climate controlled workspace.  The concrete floor was finished with custom blended Coho colored chip and polyaspartic coating.  We are talking about garage envy here!  We’ll help you create a garage you will never want to leave, contact us at

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Welcome to the Neighborhood Shavano Park!

Luxury homes keep getting better and so do luxury garages!  That’s why Global Garage of San Antonio was so eager to install this custom polyaspartic garage flooring for a luxury home builder in San Antonio, TX.  This first phase garage design is stunning in German Brown Trout colored chip coating, we can’t wait to see the rest of the neighborhood!  Getting in on the ground floor is what we’re all about!  Request a quote @ Park 1

Creating Spaces in Leon Springs!

We love the custom garage floor this young family chose for their new home in Leon Springs, TX.  Global Garage Flooring & Design of San Antonio coated the new floor with Scottish Blue Trout Chip and Polyaspartic top coat, creating both a garage and indoor play area for the kids.  What’s our mantra at Global Garage?  Work hard, play hard!  A garage like this can handle both!  Transform your garage interior this winter!  Contact us at Springs 1 Leon Springs 3


Shop of Horrors for Global Garage of San Antonio, TX!

Mortuary 2Global Garage of San Antonio gave Bexar County Mortuary a startling facelift when we refinished their facility with our custom Polyaspartic concrete floor treatment.  Our die-hard crew, led by Nicholas Scott, couldn’t look away from this bone-chilling opportunity even though it meant installing the floors in the dead of night!  This gruesome room now shimmers with a 100% pure product in medium gray, clear top coat and anti-slip finish, no more drab slab here!  Our custom Polyaspartic floor treatments are to die for and provide a unique design solution for commercial and residential floors.  Contact us for a free Mortuary 3estimate! Antonio Mortuary 5



Cordilla Ranch, Boerne, Texas

image2 image3 Boerne, TX- This week we embarked on our journey to beautiful Cordilla Ranch, this gorgeous sub-division in the heart of the Texas Hill Country is home to many beautiful custom homes, this one was no different. Our home this week was built on to a hill and overlooked a good portion of the ranch, it was built to look very similar to a hunting cabin, the whole inside was cladded with wood, wall to wall and the entire ceiling, every room, every cabinet, every nook and cranny. It was stunning, the woodwork was unmatched. Outside the home was a lavish pool with a watchtower that overlooked the beautiful Hill Country. The garage was cladded in the same beautiful woodwork, not to the extent of the house but also very flattering. It was a three car garage, with a mud room off to the right side and a secret passage way into the closet in the master bedroom, very cool! The garage was done in our Salt and Pepper, a very popular color for us. It pulled in the outside colors of the house and made the garage feel as if it were a new room. This lavish home got a garage upgrade, and yours can too! Y’all come on by to see us and let us help you rediscover your garage! image4 image1 image image3 image2image2 image2

German Brown Trout, Quartz and Seaworld

San Antonio, Tx- Rediscovering your garage has long been a “thing” here in SA, and this week was no different. However, we’re not just focused on garage floors, we also helped a lovely lady rediscover her patio this week The week began in a very nice neighborhood on the west side, slightly past Sea World. The gentleman had just built a new house, we had done a previous house of his and he loved the floor so he had to have us back to his new house! German Brown Trout was the chip color of choice for our friend, about 9 out of 10 people down here will choose that color. As I’ve said before it just fits so so well with the colors of houses, every once in awhile we’ll do one of our other 6 colors, but the majority of the time, ole German Brown Trout gets the job done. As I said earlier, we don’t just do garage floors, this week we were also in Boerne, Tx to help a lovely lady, who’s garage floor we had done a couple months ago. She wanted her patios done in Quartz. Quartz is a very neat product, it’s almost a colorful sand, it provides wonderful texture, we’ve never done a garage floor in it, we’ve only used it for outdoor surfaces, around pools, patios, and skirts. Our job in Boerne was no exception, we did two patios in Evening, a gray color of quartz. We don’t do quartz that often, but it comes out just as wonderful as chipped floors, and these patios were no exception. Y’all have a great week, we’ll catch up with y’all next week, help us help you rediscover your garage!



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German Brown Trout Garage Floors in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, Tx- Another fun and event filled week here in San Antonio. The heat is smoldering, but that just gives us more chances, and excuses, to kick on back in a pool and grab a couple cold ones while listening to the finest country music Texas has to offer. This week we did a bit of that, but we also did a couple of great jobs with some great clients. Our friend Dane was the first to rediscover his garage this week, he had a 700 sq ft floor, with 3 foot walls, all done in German Brown Trout. The walls came out wonderful, with a seamless finish, you don’t know where the floor stops and the wall begins, as I’ve said before German Brown Trout is a very popular color down here due to the colors of the rock and general house colors that are picked. It almost provides a more earthy tone to it, some people have said it looks like sand on the floor, and they feel as if they’re at the beach. The next floor was for a lovely lady Pam, she also rediscovered her floor in German Brown Trout. A 550 sq ft floor hers present less of a challenge with no 3 foot walls and also the size. Both of these satisfied customers rediscovered their garage, y’all give us a call and let us help you rediscover yours!

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Spurs Fans Get a New Garage Floor at Canyon Lake, TX

Canyon Lake, San Antonio, TX- We did a garage floor out in a subdivision right on the south/western side of Canyon Lake, you could see the water from our customers house, it was beautiful. Canyon Lake is one of the few lakes in central Texas that is very near full if not full. It’s a sprawling lake, nestled among steep and wooded hills. This 8,240-acre Canyon Lake is one of the deepest and most scenic lakes in Texas. With 80 miles of shoreline and an average depth of 43-feet, Canyon Lake features seven public parks with excellent outdoor recreation opportunities. Our customer, John, was also very close to the Guadalupe, about a mile from where the Guad, as us Texans call it, runs into the lake. John has a very large garage, a 4 car, about 900-1000 square feet. The color that he chose, Granite, went wonderfully with the colors within his garage. His wife picked it out, being the devoted Spurs fan that she is. She actually attended Game 5 when the Spurs won the title. Very special moment for her I’m sure. We have definitely come away with some great stories and wonderful friends. Hopefully this week will hold many more fun and exciting times as well!! Come and rediscover your garage with us! See y’all!


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Garage Remodel in Boerne, TX

This home in the Limestone Ranch neighborhood of Boerne, Texas got a fantastic remodel. We put in beautiful new garage floors and some shelves that will keep this garage looking neat and organized!

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