Carpe Diem – Canton, MI

A failing concrete floor in Canton, MI provided a perfect opportunity for this homeowner to unleash some school spirit!  Deciding it was time to repair their stained, cracked and pitted garage floor, this couple called Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan to get the job done before it became worse.  Jeff Stall and his Global Garage team rallied together and repaired the existing concrete and applied a custom polyaspartic-chip floor using a 3 coat process.  Then the family chose to go one step further and inlay 2 ft. tall logos representing their two favorite schools in Michigan.  This garage just moved to the head of the class!  Now’s your chance to get your garage some extra credit, contact Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan for a free estimate!

Canton1 Canton3 Canton4 Canton5

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