Bricks, a Gallic Symbol, and Rainbow Trout in Saline Michigan

Saline Michigan

We worked on a gorgeous brick home in Saline Michigan.  It was really cool.  There was a great story from the home owner about the bricks.  The childhood church of the lady who built the house was torn down.  She went to the contractor and bought those very bricks that had made up her church from when she was young.  Then she built this house out of those bricks.  How awesome is that?

We put a brand new Global Garage “Rainbow Trout” chip floor down.  It turned out great.  We also put this really neat Gallic symbol inlay down on floor that turned out fantastic.  The current owner who is an artist picked out the symbol to represent their heritage.

All in all this was a great garage remodel, cool house, cool “brick” story, and a cool Gallic symbol inlay.20150708_153203 20150708_160804 20150708_160826 20150708_160813