Shape Up your Garage!

Is a picture perfect garage on your dream board for 2017?   The expert technicians at Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan share step by step tips to jump start your garage interior overhaul and are offering 10% off a new custom garage if purchased by February 4th, 2017.  No more excuses, right now is the best time to shape up your garage.messy-garage-storage

Step #1 – Trim your storage.

Removing clutter is the first step in every remodel, especially the garage.  Seize this opportunity to rid yourself of unused, outdated, and unwanted items.  Remove all trash, clutter and debris.  When this is done, group your remaining possessions together in categories:  tools, sports, gardening, hobby, and seasonal.  Remember, the goal is a perfect garage so let go of items that don’t serve that purpose.  Now that the first goal is complete, it’s time for Global Garage Flooring & Design to start your garage makeover.picture-perfect-garage

Step #2 – Focus on groundwork.

The main ingredient of a perfect garage is a gorgeous floor treatment.  Global Garage Concrete Coatings are the hottest look in flooring trends.  Our factory certified technicians will help you choose the perfect floor coating and texture for your garage interior and our installers will prep and install your new floor in as little as one day.  Our designer coatings are 3X more durable than traditional epoxy and immediately bring a sleek and stylish look to the interior of your garage.  Did we also mention how easy these floors are to clean?  Spills are repelled and cleaning is a breeze.  You will be amazed how clean and fresh your updated garage looks and feels.garage-storage

Step #3 – Stretch your space.

Remember all that gear you sorted through?  It’s time to give it a new home!  Global Garage Storage Solutions include every style and color combination imaginable to fit your garage and budget.  We recommend a combination of custom cabinets and vertical slatwall storage to maximize every inch of wall space.  Store chemicals and dangerous tools inside cabinets and drawers, hang sporting goods on easy to reach slatwall hooks.  The key is to give every item a home inside your storage system, this makes cleaning and straightening up a no brainer and your garage will maintain the new and improved look.

Did we help you visualize your picture perfect garage?  Take the first step to make your dream garage a reality in 2017.  Book your garage remodel before February 4th, 2017 and receive 10% off your project.  Contact our crew and shape up your garage today!


Garage Enhancement Opportunity

Looking for a garage enhancement opportunity?  Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan is offering 10% off your new garage with their winter discount running now until February 4th, 2017. 

Global Garage impact and stain resistant concrete floor coatings are 3X stronger than regular epoxy.  These decorative floors are professionally installed by our Global Garage certified technicians using our specialized diamond-grind preparation.  Global Garage flooring will transform your garage from dull and drab to sleek and stylish in just one day!

Complete your garage interior with our custom cabinet and vertical slatwall storage options.  Group tools, sporting equipment and craft supplies together in clean and well organized bins.  Create workspaces for special projects and hobbies.  Organized storage will make sure your garage is always a clean and welcoming entrance to your home.

Take advantage of this fantastic savings and schedule your garage enhancement today!


Conquer your Garage!

After all the chaos of the holidays you might not feel like you can defeat the mess that used to be called your garage.  Not to worry, you’re not alone.  With help from the professionals at Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan, this is the perfect winter to conquer your garage!


Defeat the Dirt.

Dirt and garages seem to go together.  Keeping your garage interior clean and dust free might seem like an impossible battle.  Our simple solution?  Treating the concrete floor with our custom floor treatments! Global Garage Concrete Coatings are 3X more durable than traditional epoxy and are available in colors, textures and designs to match any décor.  Coating your concrete floor with Global Garage coatings is the first step in eliminating dust and dirt from your garage.



Attack the Clutter.

Piles and stacks of disorganized clutter make the garage a room you would rather avoid.  Turn your garage around our with customized Global Garage storage options.  Our cabinets add beauty and offer organization storage for all your belongings.  With so many features to choose from, let our Global Garage installation professionals help you choose the right combination to maximize your storage potential.


Elevate your Gear.

Take your storage options further with slatwall vertical storage.  This system is perfect for hanging items off the floor and out of the way.  Create organized groupings with sports equipment, gardening items and tools.  This stylish wall storage system comes in colors that you’ll love and endless hooks and bins that make organization fun! 

You’ll be amazed at how much space you reclaim when you define and organize your garage efficiently.  It’s really never been easier to reclaim your dirty garage install a clean and beautiful garage interior that is gorgeous and easy to maintain.  Take advantage of our 10% Winter Discount, contact Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan and conquer your garage today!

take back your garage

Take Back Your Garage!

It’s the perfect season to take back your garage!  Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan will help you create a stunning new entrance to your home with our Polyaspartic flooring that is 3x more durable and chemical resistant than epoxy.  Customize your flooring with color and texture.  Have fun with custom inlays.  Organize your storage with our custom cabinets and slatwall systems.  Enjoy an easy to clean garage that comes with our lifetime warranty.  Contact us today for a free estimate and take back your garage!  (734) 925-1466 –

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