Stunning Garage, the Sequel

Repeat customers return to Global Garage of SE Michigan for another installment of a designer garage floor in their new home.  This is not just your average re-run, this sequel is an absolute stunning garage!


Our customer hired Global Garage of SE Michigan two years ago to refinish the concrete garage flooring in their previous home.  Happy with the beautiful results and performance of our polyaspartic flooring, they contacted Global Garage and arranged to have the garage flooring installed and ready in their stylish new home before they moved in.



Working with the existing movie projector and pull-down theater screen, the homeowners chose a textured chip floor using our ¼” Brook Trout colored chips that coordinate with the blackout curtains and create a movie theater atmosphere.  The customers love their new picture house and are happy they chose Global Garage of SE Michigan for the second take of their new garage interior.


Global Garage Floors are decorative, durable and provide a clean and modern finish to your concrete.    Our experienced designers will help define your personal style, choosing from our selection of the best garage floor coatings that are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes.  Installation is extremely easy, most jobs take only 1 to 2 days to complete and the results are amazing. 

It’s time to treat your garage to a fresh concrete coating, schedule your stunning garage makeover today!  www.globalgarageflooring/SEMichigan



March Madness Mega Garage

Global Garage of SE Michigan caught the spirit of March Madness and reinvented this plain, ordinary utility space into a hoops lovers mega garage.


The Michigan area homeowners dreamed about transforming this detached garage/living space into a kid-friendly, game-playing party room.  The team at Global Garage Flooring & Design worked with them to design a plan that includes a customized metallic floor color in the exact shade they wanted.  Then they went to work, grinding the untreated concrete and preparing the floor for concrete coating treatment.  Our factory certified installers applied 3 layers of polyaspartic, a black pigment base, the two-toned custom metallic, finishing with a clear top coat with just a little grip additive mixed in so the floor would have some anti-slip texture but still keep its overall glossy finish. Sliding double doors divide the room in half, sectioning off the basketball court from the socializing, party area.  The metallic floor turned out stunning, it’s extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain and the homeowners love it!

untreated-concreteblack-pigment-floor-coatingMarch Madness 4

Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan are the leading professionals in the garage remodeling industry.  Request a free estimate and schedule your mega garage makeover today,



Hurry Up and Floor It!

Save 10% when you purchase a decorative chip floor from Global Garage Flooring & Design before March 31st, 2017! 

Carpe Diem – Canton, MI

A failing concrete floor in Canton, MI provided a perfect opportunity for this homeowner to unleash some school spirit!  Deciding it was time to repair their stained, cracked and pitted garage floor, this couple called Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan to get the job done before it became worse.  Jeff Stall and his Global Garage team rallied together and repaired the existing concrete and applied a custom polyaspartic-chip floor using a 3 coat process.  Then the family chose to go one step further and inlay 2 ft. tall logos representing their two favorite schools in Michigan.  This garage just moved to the head of the class!  Now’s your chance to get your garage some extra credit, contact Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan for a free estimate!

Canton1 Canton3 Canton4 Canton5

Detach This! Global Garage of SE Michigan

This modern family is officially obsessed with Global Garage Flooring & Design of SE Michigan!  Recently, our team installed a cabinet storage system in the attached garage of their updated Dexter-Pinkney lakefront home.  This time they invited us back to refinish the floor of their detached garage.  It took a lot of repair to get the aged and damaged floor up to speed, but the effort was definitely worth it.  Freshly finished in Brook Trout Polyaspartic with ¼” Chip, this gorgeous floor matches the quality of the rest of the amazing property.  We are the professionals at reinventing your garage interior, contact us today!


Johnson1 Johnson2 Johnson3


Main Entrance – Novi, MI

It is proven that if you own a garage door opener, then you are probably using the garage as the main entrance to your home.  It makes sense that you want your garage interior to feel as welcoming as your front door.  Global Garage Flooring & Design of Southeast Michigan are professionals at total garage makeovers.  They recently overhauled this garage interior in Novi, installing custom blended Polyaspartic floor and lining one wall with coordinating Redline bi-fold cabinets.  The cabinets provide excellent organization to perfectly store everything and the Polyaspartic floor eliminates concrete dust and dirt.  The result is a breath taking entry to this beautiful home!  Learn more about this latest decorating trend by visiting our website at

Main1 Main2 Main3 Main4 Main6 Main7

Moving in with Double Mocha Marble – New Hudson, MI

Life is all about juggling priorities.  That’s why we love this customer in New Hudson, MI.  Before they even had a driveway or a front porch on their new home they contacted Global Garage Flooring & Design of Southeast Michigan to install their new garage floor.  Their previous home had an epoxy floor that failed miserably and they learned the hard way that epoxy just can’t withstand the seasonal stress the way our Polyaspartic coatings can.  Our designers created this custom look with a dual color process and two layers of clear Polyaspartic on the top.  This rich look is built to last!  Follow the trends and make your garage a top priority!  Contact us at



Solar Flair – Saline, MI

Take a look into the future, this nearly self-sustaining home in Saline, MI boasts solar panels and two electric cars in the garage.  The only problem?  Severe cracks had ruined the floor in the garage where the charging stations were housed and needed immediate attention.  The solution?  Our certified professionals at Global Garage Flooring and Design of Southeast Michigan are crack repair experts!  They engineered a crack repair plan and installed a custom Polyaspartic/Chip coating that will withstand and protect the concrete floor from severe changes in temperature.  Is your garage ready to withstand the effects of global warming?  We have an easy fix.  Contact us today,

Saline1 Saline2 Saline3 Saline4


"Garage Flooring and Cabinets"

Garage of the Week – Southeast Michigan

Our “Garage of the Week” pick goes to Global Garage Flooring & Design of Southeast Michigan for completely rocking this new cabinet installation.  This stylish home in the Dexter-Pinkney area already had the cool metallic floor going for it.  Global Garage Flooring & Design completed the look with a wall of Redline powder coated cabinets in the silver vein color.  These cabinets provide maximum storage and emphasize the sleek and sexy style of this lakeside home. Let our design professionals’ rock out your garage interior, contact us for a free estimate!

Cabinetsjohnson cabinetsjohnson2 cabinetsjohnson3


Let’s Get the Party Started! – Southeast Michigan

This brand new Great Lakes home is move in ready thanks to Global Garage Flooring & Design of Southeast Michigan!  The owners chose a custom anti-slip floor in a sleek gray pigment that perfectly complements their home design.  Just 2 blocks from the beach, we predict a lot of fun in the sun will happen at this fantastic house!  Global Garage Flooring & Design is a leading professional in new and existing garage interiors.  Trust us to get you ready for your housewarming party!  Look us up at

Party1 Party2