Our garage floor looks great! Totally satisfied.. The added decals gave it a fun and personal touch.
Dick Haar
The crew showed up on time and prepared to work. Their prep work was meticulous. No cutting corners, no good enough, it was by the book. The coating was done with the same attention to detail and it came out beautiful. It was completed in one day as promised. I was reconfiguring the interior structure of the garage and there were going to be several areas where 4x4 posts were going to be removed leaving uncoated surfaces. The crew was aware of this and when it came time (several months later) to coat those patches, they were back and took care of the work. Unless you knew where the posts were before, you would never be able to find the spots. These folks were tremendous in their work ethic, their skills and their knowledge of the product(s). And yes, everyone loves the floor!!
Dr Raymond Cleary
Ann Arbor
We are very happy with how the garage floor came out. All the cracks and imperfections were taken care of and we have a beautiful finished surface.
Bruce Westlake
These guys were fabulous! They came out and had our garage floor done lickety split. The owner was there and he is really cute too! Jean C Saline, MI
Jean C
Saline MI