2 Reasons You Need to Protect your Concrete Sooner Rather Than Later

protect your concrete

If you have just moved into your dream home and opened the garage door to find barren concrete staring back at you, it is in your best interest to invest in a protective topical sealer as soon as you can. Doing so now makes the most sense, since the majority of your belongings have yet to be moved in. Your garage is artificially impeccable right now, as storage clutter has not yet had a chance to settle.

Fortunately, installing a protective polyaspartic sealer is pretty simple. Global Garage’s polyaspartic floor coatings come in many different styles and designs, and offer the best protection you can find on the market. You get 3-times the chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance of high-performance epoxy coatings, all in a single-day installation that is available year-round.

When you choose Global Garage, you benefit from a streamlined installation process that leaves little room for procrastination on your end. Though the process is easy, affordable, and fast, some homeowners still make the mistake of delaying their investment with a concrete sealer franchise because they don’t fully appreciate the value of the service. If you don’t know why you need to protect your concrete, then read on to learn why you should call a Global Garage expert for protection now!


Unprotected concrete floors get harder to coat the longer you wait


There are many reasons why you should not hesitate to contact one of our experts today! You have not yet moved in, so your belongings are still tucked neatly into boxes, where they have not yet started competing for storage space. Inevitably, a move-in will end with all of the “leftovers” tucked into the garage. Before you obstruct your garage space with disorganized clutter, seal your floors. This will not only keep your move-in boxes safe from concrete sweating and stains, but saves you the trouble of having to clear out your garage for your installation.

Unprotected floors are also harder to seal the longer you wait because of the porous nature of the concrete surface. Concrete drinks up stains and spilled oil, absorbing these caustic chemicals and creating hazards for slipping, fires, and pets. You also end up making the job much harder for your concrete coater, because oil-saturated concrete makes for poor adhesion. Fortunately, our polyaspartic blend is extremely adhesive, and can handle concrete in almost any condition, but homeowners are still advised to act sooner than later for best results.


Unprotected floors can crack in freeze-thaw conditions.


Now that we are into the summer months, the hazards brought down upon us by the winter are easily forgotten. As you know, concrete is a porous surface that absorbs liquids. This is a problem when the winter and spring months roll around in succession. First, the concrete drinks up liquid, which then freezes. In freeze-thaw climates, this frozen liquid expands rapidly, and the sudden movement can crack the surface of unsealed concrete floors.

This problem will compound year after year, driving the cracks deeper into your foundation. Ultimately, the structural integrity of your home and garage can be put at risk as cracks continue to erupt. Cracks will quickly fill with dirt, grime, and other caustic chemical contaminants that will further eat away at the foundation.

A Global Garage expert can remediate previous damage by repairing cracks. After repairing them we seal right over top of cracks and stains, locking them deep in the past behind a polyaspartic coating that is three-times as strong as the best epoxy you’ll find on the market.

The benefits of the polyaspartic coating provided by Global Garage concrete sealer franchise are too numerous to list here. If you want to learn about the environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, slip-resistant, and easy-installation qualities of our exclusive line of polyaspartics, then visit http://globalgarageflooring.com/garage-floor-coatings/ to explore our line of installation styles.

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