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3 Reasons Global Garage Flooring Outperforms Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

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There has been a considerable amount of content made available online and by home maintenance authorities that highlights the dangers of a barren concrete floor in your garage. The porous surface of exposed concrete is a nightmare to clean, and is equally unpleasant to slip and fall on. Over time, exposed concrete breaks down under constant exposure to salt, spills, hot tires, and condensation. This gives water streamlined access to your home’s concrete foundation, and foreshadows some serious home upkeep issues over the long term. Beyond the risks to your home, concrete floors are just plain ugly, leaving little inspiration for a cool reclaimed garage space.

Home owners are learning about the dangers and drawbacks of exposed concrete flooring every day, so the demand for easy and efficient garage floor coatings never wavers. Are you familiar with the difference garage floor coats on the market? Some home owners try to slap a quick coat of paint onto their concrete to act as a makeshift sealant, but a few days of parking with friction-heated tires will cause unsightly paint peeling. Two popular professional options are conventional epoxy garage floor coating, and Global Garage Flooring’s patented polyaspartic coating. Read on to see how these two professional options stack up, and to learn 3 reasons why Global Garage Flooring’s patented polyaspartic coating outperforms its competitors!

Epoxy garage floor coating has some adherence issues.

Many conventional epoxy garage floor coatings do not adhere very well in certain conditions. The cold-to-warm climate change that we are seeing now can cause some condensation to build up on concrete, which can be a nightmare for epoxy installers. In these moist environments, epoxy adheres quite poorly. The finished product will be quite prone to lifting and peeling.

Contrast this with Global Garage Flooring’s patented polyaspartic coating, which can be applied year-round in a single day. It does not matter how humid or rainy the weather forecast is looking – if you call in the Global Garage Flooring experts, they will arrive on time and deliver stunning results. This special polyaspartic blend guarantees high-quality installation results with its incredible adhesion to concrete. You will not need to worry about lifting or peeling at all. Best of all, Global Garage’s patented polyaspartic floor coating can be driven on mere hours after installation, so that you can get back to that workshop project or the big game!

Epoxy garage floor coating can be time-consuming.

When installing epoxy garage floor coatings, you will need to take several steps in preparation to ensure proper adhesion. Because moisture can lead to peeling, the concrete must be thoroughly cleaned and otherwise prepped before the first layer can be applied. But even after all of this scrubbing and blotting is behind you, you are only just getting started. Epoxy garage floor coatings need to be applied one layer at a time, requiring that each preceding layer dries completely before the next is applied. This can drag your installation out over days.

Once again, Global Garage polyaspartic coatings offer you a better alternative. Your installation will be completed in a single day, you can then walk on it the next day and drive on it the day after that.

Epoxy garage floor coatings can be slippery when wet.

One major drawback for epoxy floors in a workshop environment is that this floor coating can be tricky to navigate safely if it becomes wet. Wetness happens in the garage, whether from a fumbled glass, leaky oil filter, or when storing still-wet pool equipment. Fortunately, Global Garage’s polyaspartic coating keeps you safe. Not only is the Global Garage option easy to clean, but it can have built-in slip-resistance so that you can minimize your chances of taking a tumble.

If you would like to learn more about high-performing polyaspartic coatings, visithttp://globalgarageflooring.com and give us a call, or fill out our online form!


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