3 Reasons Your Franchise Needs Our Patented Polyaspartic Blend

patented Polyaspartic blend


Thousands of American entrepreneurial minds have begun eyeing the different garage flooring franchise opportunities out there, and for good reason. The market is booming, with progress that is unflinching even in the face of a mercurial realty market. Whether people are looking to settle or sell their home, the demand for garage makeovers is always there. After a big move, people want to reclaim a space cluttered with transit boxes and storage bins. Those getting bored with their existing place always have a fun idea or two for their garage tucked in the back of their mind. No matter your lot in life, the idea of a punched-up garage space is appealing, and Americans looking to start their own business know it.


Global Garage is America’s leading garage flooring franchise opportunity for a number of reasons. Our training is top-notch, and our brand has a hard-earned reputation for quality and customer service that will drive business to your franchise. Most importantly, though, our product is undeniably great. Our patented polyaspartic blend wows customers and outperforms anything else on the market. Available only through Global Garage Flooring, this patented product increases the value of our business far beyond any other epoxy or carpet flooring franchise opportunity that you may stumble across.


Read on to learn 3 reasons when your garage flooring franchise needs our patented polyaspartic blend!


Our patented polyaspartics flooring is fast.


Our exclusive polyaspartic blend adheres beautifully to concrete flooring, and can be installed in a flash. In fact, it dries so quickly that we are able to finish most garage installs in a single day. This has a number of exciting implications for prospective franchise owners.


First, it means you can get more installations finished in a day’s work. More installations mean more business for you, while other companies struggle waiting for layers of epoxy to set one-by-one.


The speed at which our polyaspartics can be installed puts you in great demand, since most home owners simply cannot afford to shut down their home’s most practical part. Instead of having to park outside and scatter stored items throughout the home for a long period, Global Garage is finished in a single day so that our customers can get on with their lives!


Our patented polyaspartics are stylish.


With Global Garage Flooring’s Chip, Stain, Quartz, Metallic, and Inlay options, homeowners can choose from dozens of different looks to accent any room. Don’t settle for the flat color of many epoxy and carpet options that end up saying “compromise” more than “character.” This attention to aesthetic appeal means that our garage floors are sought out by professionals, commercial display designers, and homeowner hobbyists alike. Don’t limit your market with uninspired design selection – choose our exclusive polyaspartic palette instead.


Our patented polyaspatrics outperform the competition.


People who are serious about quality will choose Global Garage flooring, and these are the best kinds of customers you can ask for. Our patented blend is three times as tough as any epoxy option you can find on the market. This means it will take a third of the amount of scratches, cracks, and chemical damage than conventional flooring options. This kind of value distinguishes your product from your competitors, so that people attracted to the idea of a longer lifespan on their flooring will automatically choose you.


Our patented polyaspartic coating is faster, cooler, and stronger than the product offered by our competitors. As you enter into the critical deciding stage of your franchise ownership journey, just ask yourself which side you would rather be on! If you would like to learn more about our franchise or our industry-leading polyaspartic blend, visit http://globalgaragefranchise.com/ today and call for a free consultation.


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