3 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage from Garage Remodeling Experts

Some people make the mistake of disconnecting their garage from their vision of a “dream home,” and it doesn’t have to be this way! Global Garage remodeling experts truly believe that the garage is the best part of the home, and that ignoring its potential for fun, style flair, and storage is a huge mistake! Read to learn 3 tips from garage remodeling pros so that you can transform your garage into more than simply the place you park your car!

Get organized!

A disorganized garage is the number one obstacle for homeowners trying to realize the potential of this space. How are you supposed to build a dream workshop, man-cave, or auto repair bay when you can only see a few inches of expose floor? Many homeowners stuff their garage full of displaced items on move-in day and never find a better place for these things.

All they need is some storage and organization tips for our garage remodeling team. Slat walls provide an endless array of storage options that can save you help you carve out some floor space. These walls are easily fitted with our line of baskets, shelves, racks, hangars, and hooks, which are strong enough to hoist heavy-duty power tools, wheelbarrows, bicycles, and storage bins. By including your walls in your organization plan, you suddenly have room for everything that cluttered up your floors. Check out different ways to make room to work, play, and walk at http://globalgarageflooring.com/garage-storage-solutions/nggallery/page/3.

Keep smaller or high-value items secure with cabinetry systems

Not everything in your garage has to hang from the walls. Adding cabinet systems to your garage is a great way to keep smaller items organized, or sensitive items stored. Some gardens need toxic pesticides, and some projects call for expensive tools sets, both of which are easily stored in our custom cabinets. A standard garage just can’t accommodate expensive or sensitive items like this.

Perhaps the best part of a custom cabinetry garage upgrade is that you get a “dashboard” organization style. Like the dashboard on your car, our colored cabinets give you important information in a split second. Color-coded cabinets let you asses the status and layout of your garage in a single glance – maybe your tools get stored in the powder blue cabinets, while screws, drills bits, and work gloves are kept in the off-white drawers nearby. Whatever organizational plan you choose, our custom cabinetry can help!

Don’t forget to upgrade your garage with a solid foundation

Every good idea needs a great foundation, and there is nothing better to be the basis of your upgraded garage than a polyaspartic floor coating installed by a Global Garage remodeling expert! Rated as 3-times stronger and more resistant to chemicals and abrasions than any other coating on the market, our exclusive blend will keep your concrete safe from any drops, spills, hot tire park job, or cleaning chemical. These polyaspartic coatings also let you give your garage remodeling plan as much style as they do substance, with a range of different styles, stains, and finishes available.

Upgrading your garage flooring also reduces the strain of cleaning. Perfectly sealed and smoothly level, sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing is a breeze. Our flooring is also slip-resistant to keep you safe through even the most vigorous of cleans. It’s chemical resistance also means you get the “green light” for your grade-A cleaning supplies. Anything that cuts cleaning time down while producing better results is an upgrade in our books!

These 3 simple tips will upgrade your garage in no time. This part of the property can be so much more than the “place you park your car,” and these tips are only the beginning! To learn more about how our garage remodeling experts can help you transform a cluttered storage space into your dream garage, visit http://globalgarageflooring.com and give us a call for a free consultation!

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