4 Advantages Our Polyaspartic Coatings Have Over Basic Concrete Flooring


It may be obvious to say, but the polyaspartic coatings offered by our concrete coating franchise are infinitely better than the barren concrete you found when you moved in. Though it is most apparent in the stale versus stylish appearance of the two options, Global Garage’s polyaspartic coatings offer a lot more than aesthetic value to the homeowner. Read on to learn 4 advantages our polyaspartic coatings have over basic concrete flooring!


Control temperature and humidity, and eliminate slips!


Concrete floors can sweat, causing all sorts of issues in the garage, regardless of how you have designed the space. Workshops brimming with tools do not want to deal with excess moisture and humidity because of the risks these conditions pose for rusting. If you have elected to create the ultimate garage man-cave, excess moisture and humidity can start to rot away at furniture or interfere with the performance of your television, stereo, or other electronics. Car garages and storage spaces also need to control moisture and humidity for general safety reasons, since sweaty concrete can be a slipping hazard. In the long term, moisture and humidity control is key for preserving the condition of your concrete foundation, since even the smallest amount of sweating contributes to erosion over time.

Global Garage concrete flooring franchise gives homeowners the ability to greatly reduce concerns over excess moisture and sweating concrete. Our polyaspartic floor coatings are seamless and sealed, creating a perfect protective bulwark between your concrete foundation and your garage floor surface. Reducing the risk of slips by stopping sweating, and by laying down an especially slip-resistant floor coating.


Clean with ease.


Concrete flooring franchises have arrived on scene many times to see stain-covered concrete floors. It can be hard to stop your barren concrete floor from accumulating dirt and wear; the coarse, porous surfaces scrapes work boots clean and drinks up any stains. Worst still, concrete floors are tough to clean. You have to be conscious of your cleaning products so as not to eat into the surface, and scrubbing or mopping is essentially out of the question, unless you’re willing to wear your cleaning tools down to the nub on rough concrete.

Polyaspartic coatings make cleaning a breeze. Perfectly smooth, sealed, and seamless, your mop or broom will glide across the surface. Dirt and grime has nowhere to hide and no coarse textures to cling to. Our slip-resistant coating means you can put some muscle into your cleaning effort without worrying about taking a tumble. Better still, the chemical resistance of our polyaspartic coatings is unparalleled, so you can break out the big guns for serious messes without having to worry about corroding your concrete.


Keep your family safe from slips and falls.


Coarse concrete can sometimes be a tripping hazard. This is obvious in homes where chunks have been knocked out of the concrete with drops and impacts over the years, but even minor chips can be enough to catch your toe or sole as you walk by. Sweating concrete is also a slip waiting to happen. Whatever the cause, falling on coarse concrete is never enjoyable.

The polyaspartic floor coatings offered by Global Garage concrete flooring franchise can cut a great deal of slips out of your life. Slip-resistant and impervious to concrete sweating, you will minimize the slippery surfaces you encounter in the garage with our polyaspartic coatings. Since every coating is seamlessly sealed, you also reduce the risk of catching your foot on any uneven surfaces.


Repel staining.


Our strong and perfectly-sealed polyaspartic coatings do not let any stains accumulate. In contrast, concrete soaks up stains and grime, which is not only unsightly but unsafe as flammable compounds spill and settle in. Even if you do find a way to stain your polyaspartic floor coating, the different designs we offer such as the Chip and Quartz style coatings will mask stains until you find time to clean them away.

The advantages that our polyaspartic coatings have over concrete are practically endless. The bottom line is that polyaspartic coatings are safer, easier to clean, stain-resistant, immune to water problems, and more durable than barren concrete. To learn more about our innovative and exclusive polyaspartic coating, visit http://globalgarageflooring.com/garage-floor-coatings/ today, and schedule a free consultation!


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