4 Garage Flooring Ideas by Professionals

4 Garage Flooring Ideas by Professionals

Homeowners are always looking for great garage flooring improvement ideas. With the realty world locked in a perpetual state of uncertainty, many modern homeowners have become reluctant to engage the unruly marketplace, opting instead to invest their time, energy, and resources into some home equity-improving projects. Where better to start than with the humble garage? The garage is a room with endless possibilities, and with a little effort can be converted into a well-equipped workshop, home gym, or quiet spousal retreat (think beer cooler and TV). Whether you are looking for a new car park, a comfy lounge space, or a deadlift platform, your garage flooring will need to be carefully considered in order to fully suit your needs. If you are among the thousands of homeowners looking to galvanize their garage space with some updated flooring ideas, then consider this article a must-read! Global Garage professionals would like to present you with some popular garage flooring ideas that have been taking hold in the industry as of late.

Polyaspatrics for Toughness and Longevity

Commonly considered as to be another form of “epoxy,” polyaspatric chemicals are actually much different. The general public is familiar with the epoxy coatings they have seen in showrooms, restaurant kitchens, warehouses, and professional garages over the years, but polyaspatrics are a tremendous step forward in garage coating technology. Known to be 3 times harder and more chemical-resistant than epoxy, this chemical is favored by Global Garage experts. This chemical coating will give your garage a glossy sheen and will stand up to very tough chemical drips like oil. Best of all, polyaspatric coatings cure much faster than conventional epoxy coatings, allowing you to get on with your garage plans sooner. This option is listed first for a reason; it is the most effective and high-performance floor coating available, and Global Garage experts are standing by to help with your installation!

Rubberized Vinyl Garage Floor Mats

Far inferior in terms of durability, rubberized vinyl garage floor mats are convenient in the sense that they are extremely easy to install. These mat covers are able to give you anti-fatigue cushioning for long days spent in the workshop. Best of all, these mats roll up and can be taken with you to your new home if you happen to move. We recommend their use over a Polyaspartic coating in areas where you will be standing for long periods of time or home gyms.

Carpet Tiles for Comfort and Cost-Efficiency

If you are thinking of converting your garage space into more of a lounge area, then carpet tiling comes highly recommended. Criticized for its subpar stain and chemical resistance, homeowners should proceed with caution when choosing this option. However, if you intend to keep your garage space as more of a recreational room rather than a car port, carpet tiling can be useful. These typically come in interlocking or self-stick styles, both of which are easy to install. We strongly caution against problems with mold and mildew which grows on the underside of these tiles. It can turn into a very unsanitary situation.

Coat the Stairs

Many homeowners don’t have their stairs coated. Even though they are often made of wood we can usually coat them with Polyaspartics. We also recommend using some “anti-slip” on the stairs and the landing.

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