4 Reasons the Garage is No Place for a Carpet Flooring Company

carpet flooring company

If you are looking to renovate your garage, then let us congratulate you! The garage is truly the most fun part of the home, and because it often ends up buried under a myriad of hobby-stuff and storage clutter, it also has the most potential and provides the greatest return on your home improvement investment. Often, simply investing in garage organization solutions and finding yourself a polyaspartic concrete coating that matches the style of your new space is all it takes to transform your home. Suddenly, you have the man-cave, an art or recording studio, a wine cellar, a workshop, a car port, or an automotive shop you always wanted.

When you are on the hunt for garage renovation solutions, it is almost inevitable that you will be approached by a carpet flooring company looking to sell you their product. They will tell you that carpet is a cheap flooring solution that is comfortable and available in many color options. You will hear the carpet floor franchise go on and on about the ease of installation, and the money you can save.

Unfortunately, the garage is no place for a carpet flooring company. Carpet flooring franchises have a vested interest in telling you that their product is suitable for the garage, even if it isn’t. They do not deal in the business of transforming garages into functional and stylish spaces; they are only out to sell and install carpet, in whatever room they can. Once the carpet is down, their job is done.

In contrast, Global Garage is America’s garage authority. There is a lot that comes along with this title. Being a garage authority means considering the style, function, safety, and storage characteristics of your flooring solution. We are not flooring salespeople, we are garage galvanizers who have the skills and experience needed to match your property with the perfect floor coating. Frankly, there is no better solution when it comes to safety, style, and functionality than our exclusive line of polyaspartic floor coatings. Read on to learn 4 reasons why the garage is no place for a carpet flooring company!


Carpet flooring companies can leave you with mold problems.


The garage often has more intense humidity conditions than the rest of the house. This is true for a number of reasons. The garage sometimes has plumbing running through it. The garage also accrues moisture as your home’s HVAC system competes with the outdoor temperature in a room where there is typically less insulation. Furthermore, the garage is where freshly-wet pool toys and rain-soaked outdoor furniture are stored.

If you choose a concrete floor, you are subjecting yourself to mold problems. Coarse carpeting will drink up moisture, and organic compounds in the carpet will feed spore growth in a perfectly warm indoor environment. Mold spore inhalation is associated with all manner of nerve, vascular, respiratory, and cardiovascular issues, and is just generally an eyesore.


Carpet wears away quickly.


You will quickly see why you saved money with your carpet installation. Work boots, heavy storage demands, and hot-tires will eat away your carpet in no time. If it isn’t worn away entirely, it will still look worn out very quickly. Polyaspartic floor coatings are stronger than anything else you’ll find on the market, so that a single-day installation will keep you covered for years to come.


Carpet flooring companies install fire hazards.


Carpeting in the garage is a fire hazard, especially when oil and grease spills are allowed to soak in. Considering that many garage workshops see sparks flying daily, it is crucial that you minimize fire hazards like this, and steer clear of carpet flooring!


Carpeting is a nightmare to clean.


Polyaspartic floor coating are easy to clean, being seamless and sealed for easy and worry-free mopping and sweeping. This is considerably different than coarse carpet that wear away under heavy sweeping, and requires special steam-cleaning equipment to remove stains.

It is pretty clear that the garage is no place for a carpet flooring company to get involved. Choose America’s garage authority instead, and check out our exclusive line of polyaspartic coatings today!


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