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4 Things to Consider when Designing Your Garage Organization Plan

Global Garage flooring, storage, and garage organization experts have seen pretty much everything when it comes to garages. Because helping home owners reclaim their garage space is our goal, there is perhaps nothing more tragic in this industry then arriving on scene to see a garage space that has been reduced to garbage dump.

Garage spaces are always at risk of becoming disorganized dumps since they start out as wide open spaces, making them the default choice when you need somewhere to stick your son’s practically untouched ski set, your daughter’s overly-nostalgic doll house, all of the seasonal decorative clutter, and everything else that doesn’t quite fit elsewhere in the home.

As we emerge from a grueling winter with warm weather in sight, spring cleaning chores have begun to fill up our to-do lists, and what better project to scratch off the list than organizing your garage?

The Global Garage team offers you a wide variety of garage storage solutions, and we are always standing by to assist you with your garage organization plan. Our goal is to help you rediscover a space of infinite, exciting possibilities buried beneath your mess. Whether you want to set up the ultimate home gym, the coolest sports-themed man cave (complete with your favorite team’s logo emblazoned in a garage floor inlay), or a home auto-shop, Global Garage can help!

Whether or not you decide to call the Global Garage team for professional help with your garage organization plan, it is vital that you approach this task with a strategy in mind. Read on to see 4 things you should consider incorporating into your garage organization plan to make for the fastest and most efficient outcome!

Before you begin, pull as much out of your garage as possible.

When Global Garage professionals come to your home for a consultation, we assess your unique garage size and storage needs to design a plan that maximizes useful space and minimizes wastage. Even if you do not invest in a professional organization design, you should follow the pro’s lead and construct a plan before you begin to reduce unusable space lost in corners and eaten up by stacks of storage bins. Pull as much as you can out of your garage to accurately assess the space you will be working with. With this blank canvas, you should be able to put together a much better idea of how to proceed, and be able to decide which rarely-used items to move to less accessible spots.

Use as much vertical space as possible.

Treat your garage organization plan as if you were a city planner. When the population cannot blossom outward, stack them upward in high-rise condos and office buildings. This rule becomes particularly important if you intend to use your garage to park your vehicle.

Global Garage’s slat walls allow for limitless possibilities when it comes to vertical storage. These allow for various hooking storage attachment to be easy slipped in place so that you can store anything from ski-poles to wheelbarrows vertically rather than eating up valuable floor space.

Alternately, Global Garage’s powder coated wood cabinets can be custom-built to stretch high towards the ceiling. Their rail-mounted construction removes most storage limitations and lets you pile your vertical cabinets high, while also giving you increased security benefits.

Label everything, and store like items together.

Everything should have a place. Store like items together and try to imagine your “work flow” in the way a kitchen contractor would imagine a line of chefs working, and lay out the functional work space, sinks, and ovens accordingly. If your table saw is 10 feet away from your work bench, you have a serious problem.

Global Garage’s powder coated wood cabinets can be bought in many different colors to make labelling even easier. Don’t squint to read letters scrawled on strips of tape; instead, just color-coordinate your kinds of tools and items to have a dashboard-style organizational assessment of your garage at a glance.

Keep overhead storage as a last-result for rarely-used items.

Overhead storage has a number of disadvantages over cabinet and slat-wall storage, namely that it is very inaccessible, tough to see what you are looking for, and requires a lot of ladder work and effort to reach. Do not keep any of your frequently-used items in the overhead storage area; during your planning phase, treat it as a “dead zone” for leftover items.

For additional help with your garage organization plan, contact Global Garage Flooring at 1-800-793-7898 for your free estimate and rediscover your garage today!


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