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5 Facts About Polyaspatrics: What Makes Global Garage Flooring Great

5 Facts About Polyaspatrics: What Makes Global Garage Flooring Great

When most home-owners think about garage flooring, their minds jump to buzz-words like epoxy and polyurethane. These materials have been popular choices for many years due to their relative ease of installation, but many home owners would be surprised to learn that the industry has evolved. Now, much better options exist, and Global Garage is at the vanguard of the garage flooring industry evolution.

Global Garage uses a unique polyaspartic formula for their floor coating that is not only superior to epoxy and polyurethane options, but is actually better than other polyaspatric coatings that can be found on the market. To find out why, read on to learn 5 facts about Garage Global polyaspatric coatings.

Polyaspatric floor coatings are easy to install.

Though celebrated for their easy installation, epoxy and polyurethane coatings can still take days to dry and cure properly. Many installers advise waiting even longer due to the rugged nature of the garage environment, where hot car tires, heavy tools, and strong chemicals can all take their toll on fresh floor coatings.

Conversely, polyaspatric coatings can be finished the same day that the installation appointment is booked. Home owners can even drive on these fresh surfaces the day after installation, rather than having to wait days to access the home’s most versatile and utilitarian space.

Most garage floors are made with poured concrete, and polyaspatrics coatings adhere to these surfaces extremely well. This makes Global Garage’s polyaspatric garage floors the perfect solution for most home owners. All you need to do is choose the color for your new floor coating, and open the door for the Global Garage workers. We take care of the rest.

Polyaspatric garage floors are easy to clean and keep up.

Polyaspatric flooring is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain in the home. There is really no simpler cleaning chore out there. Carpets soak up stains and cannot be mopped, and interlocking tiles don’t provide enough of a seal to allow for wet mopping, while the gaps between tiles trap dirt,grit and mold. Polyaspatric floors can simply be swept and mopped clean with no hassle. Furthermore, they are incredibly strong, rated up to 3x as durable as conventional epoxy coatings, which means you can dust off those high-powered cleaners that were too tough for your old floors.

Once installed, there is little that needs to be done by the home owner to increase the floor coating’s longevity. Other floor coatings can fade, especially under direct sunlight, but polyaspatrics have UV-stable resins that make them impervious to fading, yellowing, and peeling as a result of sun exposure.

Polyaspatric floors are extremely durable.

Polyaspatric floors resist dirt, grease, and oil spills with no problem. They are rated as 3-times as strong as conventional epoxy and urethane floor coatings so you don’t have to worry about dropped tools chipping away your flooring like old concrete. Clattering tools, toppled bicycles, and fumbled gardening gear need not trouble you any longer.

Polyaspatrics are stylish and custom-designed.

Don’t settle for dreary unfinished concrete that dirties over time. Global Garage gives home owners the ability to incorporate their floor coating into their design inspiration. Global Garage flooring comes in a variety of solid colors, and a heavy-duty chip flooring system option that can add eye-catching designs for the perfect lounge or party-den accent.

Customize your garage with your team’s colors for the ultimate sports lounge, color your study room or varsity home training center in an ode to your alma mater, or just keep the color scheme that you have established with your fancy tool set going.

An environmentally-conscious choice.

Polyaspatrics may sound caustic to environmentally-sensitive ears, but in reality are a very earth-friendly option. Global Garage’s polyaspatrics are BPA-free, with low VOC, and its super-long lifespan means that you won’t have to seek out a second coating any time soon, eliminating any wasted resources used for transportation or chemical supplies.

Call Global Garage today to learn more about polyaspatrics coatings, or to book your same-day installation!


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