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Quartz Patio in New Jersey

This Quartz Patio in New Jersey turned out GREAT!  Quartz sand goes into one of the layers of this polyaspartic floor covering that makes it so great.  It looks good and works very well in an outdoor application.  This is the second one of these we’ve done this week and they are really super!

Coors Light Garage in Kendell Park NJ

I’m pretty sure you’ll know what the favorite drink is in this garage!  This garage floor really turned out fantastic and we had a great time with the owner of the home!

Tahitian Orange Quartz Patio in New Jersey

Usually we do Garage Floors but today we did a patio New Jersey with our Quartz system.  Quartz is perfect for outdoor applications like this patio.  It turned out tremendous and the home owner was great as well.

The Importance of Personality Tests in Franchises

The Importance of Personality Tests in Franchises I have written on this subject in the past, and will probably continue to write about it in the future because I have become very passionate about the subject.  The reason being is that I spent many years in a business which did not fit my personality.  A […]

Garage Cabinets and Floor in Englewood, Co

This garage in Englewood Colorado was transformed into a car castle! It got a beautiful new concrete floor and custom garage cabinets. It is the perfect place to store this beautiful Trans Am.

Floor at Pebble Beach Golf Course

This concrete floor was done at the Pebble Beach Golf Course in Pebble Beach, California. It was done with the Pebble Beach logo in the floor for the annual Pebble Beach car show.