Best Garage Flooring – 4 Reasons why Polyaspartics Makes for a Convenient Clean

Best Garage Flooring - 4 Reasons why Polyaspartics Makes for a Convenient Clean

With the winter winding to a close, many home owners across America are looking forward to cleaner garage floors after months of gritty snow and salt deposits left them with unsightly concrete stains. With shoveling the driveway and sidewalks already added to your list of chores, it is pretty impractical to fit in daily garage floor cleanings as well!


But what if you didn’t have to choose between either having a dirty workshop or having no time to use it? Global Garage’s patented polyaspartic floor coating system is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Read on to find four reasons why home owners across America are raising a soapy salute to Global Garage’s easy-to-clean polyaspartic floor coating system.


Polyaspartics are sealed shut.


Many home owners move in to their home and are dismayed to find barren concrete floors in the garage. These cold, bland surfaces make your garage feel more like a subway station than the workshop, gym, or sports lounge it is intended to be. Worse still, concrete is the perfect surface for accumulating dirt and concrete stains. Coarse, stiff, and porous, concrete will scrape the dirt right off of your tires or boots, and drink up any spilled chemicals, paint, or beverages. Soon, your wildcard room will be relegated to pure storage duty because of sidewalk-styled concrete stains.


A single day installation is all it takes for most standard garages to be treated to a polyaspartic seal. Polyaspartics are three-times as strong and chemically-resistant as standard epoxy floor coatings, and with this tough seal in place, spills will never become stains. The smooth surface of the Global Garage polyaspartic seal makes sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing extremely easy, and will not wear down your tools in the way that a coarse concrete surface will.


Polyaspartics are tough.


Polyaspartics are much more resistant to strong chemicals or abrasive contact, which means you can bust out the big guns when it is time to clean without having to worry about damaging your beautiful decorative floor. Chemical resistance means you can unleash heavy-duty cleaners on stubborn spills. Abrasive resistance means you can be liberal with the elbow grease.


Polyaspartics are safe.


A vigorous cleaning session can put you at risk of falling in many ways. The nature of the job has you lubricated your garage floor’s surface with slippery soaps and water, and the cleaning itself can have you leaning your weight into mops or scrubbers, or moving stored items to access hard-to-clean spots. Fortunately, Global Garage’s patent polyaspatric floor coatings can have a built-in slip resistance option to keep you on your feet so that you can focus on fighting tough grit instead of finding your footing.


Polyaspartics can be cleaned less often.


Perhaps one of their greatest assets is that polyaspartic floor coatings do not demand much of your time with cleaning duties. This means that an investment in Global Garage floors can pay you back in time saved over the long run. This is true for a few reasons.


First, the fact that polyaspartic floors have a smooth and non-porous surface means that there is no real urgency to clean if you are caught in an inconvenient moment, since your floors will not soak up whatever has spilled.


Finally, the decorative nature of our polyaspartic coatings cover up stains both figuratively and literally. Our 1-day floor coating installation will literally cover up any preexisting concrete stains with a beautiful decorative color or design. However, they also figuratively cover up stains in the sense that the Global Garage Chip Flooring option make stains extremely difficult to spot in their striking design.


If you are interested in learning more about the tough, fast, and easy-to-clean polyaspartic flooring coating system, contact Global Garage today at to learn more!


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