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Buying a franchise – 5 steps to transform freelancers into franchisees

Are you one of hundreds of American entrepreneurs ready to join the Global Garage Flooring team? Have you been grinding through static 9-to-5 work days staring at the same people, places, and things, and wondered what better options are out there? Are you overwhelmed by your start-up effort, and tired of taking work home with you when all you need is some leisure time? Have you been seriously considering buying a franchise? If this sounds like you, then read on for 5 simple steps that can transform you from freelance into franchisee with America’s most trusted garage authority!

  1. Evaluate your time commitment.

The first step in joining our team is affirming your eligibility. At this time, Global Garage flooring is not accepting any aspiring franchisees who only have room for a part-time commitment. This means that Global Garage is probably not the right option for those already immersed in the construction business who are looking to join the Global Garage team as a supplement to their existing hours and income. While we respect hard-work and ambition on this level, Global Garage can only offer membership in their franchise to those who are utterly committed to growing and upholding the brand name that they have worked so hard to establish over the past number of years. The training commitment is not overly exhaustive, comprised of 8-10 days of hands-on training both in your home workshop and at a successful franchise location.

  1. Evaluate your attitude.

Global Garage franchise opportunities are not limited to those with previous construction experience. Our top-notch training can fill any gaps in knowledge that you may be concerned about, whether this refers to limited flooring, cabinetry, marketing, or business management skills. What we do require is a positive and professional business person’s attitude. This can be described as a friendly, helpful, honest, and knowledge-hungry demeanor. Marketing and networking interest and aptitude is certainly a plus, but what really matters is that you come to the table with a “can do” attitude to get the most out of your training.

  1. Evaluate your assets.

If you are thinking of buying a franchise, you have probably already given serious thought to the viability of the purchase. Still, outsiders are often unsure of what to expect with so many variables spread out between tool and material costs, franchising fees, and training expenses. Before you make the transition from freelancer to franchisee talk with us about the capital required.

  1. Contact us and book your presentation!

If you feel that your time, attitude, and assets qualify you as a candidate for the Global Garage Flooring franchise, then now is the time to contact us at http://globalgaragefranchise.com/contact-us/. Most are surprised at the single-day application process, and the amazing time-efficiency of our training program. Visit our website to speak directly to Global Garage about your interest in joining the team.Finally, check out our No-Commitment Franchise Discovery Process to learn all your need!

  1. Begin your training, then start making money!

You can expect 8 days of training split between a successful franchise location and your in-shop tutorials, before you go through cabinetry training. Our training process is fun and thorough, and will set you up for a successful transformation from freelancer to franchisee.


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