Deck Your Garage with Seasonal Storage


Fall is in the air, kids are back in school and your life is beyond busy again.  The last thing you have time for is dealing with the crisis looming in your garage.  Yet there it is…  Summer gear is still hanging out, waiting to be told the party is over.  Seasonal decorations are buried under last year’s ski equipment.  The chaos is overwhelming and you know it’s not going away all on its own.


You vow to de-clutter, you promise to live a simpler life, and then you decide to really do something about it and you hire a custom garage remodeling company – Global Garage Flooring & Design.


Global Garage Franchise Operators are skillfully trained to walk you through the fun and exciting process of garage remodeling.  We offer custom cabinet and storage solutions in all shapes, sizes and colors including wall organizers and vertical storage systems.  Once we have your belongings neatly put away and organized, we go ahead and resurface your garage floor with our unique Polyaspartic floor coating system.  Available in a wide variety of colors and textures, these coatings enhance your garage floor and transform your garage into a beautiful and well cared for living space.


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