Decorative Garage Flooring in Whitehouse Station NJ

This job is a perfect example of how Global Garage Flooring and Design can add that special decorative touch to your garage, basement or business showroom. We met with this homeowner in Whitehouse Station, NJ who expressed a desire to add a custom flare to his garage to compliment his contemporary designed home. After spending time going over the various finishes and decorative options we worked closely with the homeowner to arrive at a design that would surely be an attention getter.  The end result turned out spectacular. The pictures below will walk you through the process:

2015-02-02 08.50.22The BEFORE Picture!

This is what we had to start with. An epoxy floor put down just 5 years ago completely failing. You can see the flaking and peeling as the floor was delaminating due to improper surface preparation.





2015-02-03 10.21.52 The GRINDING PROCESS!

It took us a day but we removed every bit of the original epoxy floor as well as the very top layer of concrete. This allows our product to make a mechanical connection with the surface. The floor looks better already!!





2015-02-04 09.11.54 The TRANSFORMATION Continues!

After the grinding was complete, we applied our polyaspartic base coat in Sand Beige. Using chalk lines and painters tape we carefully laid out our three  picture frame designs.






2015-02-06 14.51.24 The FINAL RESULT!!!!!

We used three mediums to create the effect the homeowner envisioned. The picture frames were laid out using our Tahitian Red quartz finish. The inside of the picture frames were done in a 1/4″ Metallic Mica chip and for the outside area we used 1/8″ brown chip.




2015-02-06 14.48.13