Easy Ways to Organize Your Garage This Weekend!

Easy Ways to Organize Your Garage This Weekend!

Garages are more than just a place to store your car. Garages are great for storing all of those items that don’t fit in the house. Where to put the sports equipment? The garage! Garden and lawn tools? Garage! Random projects, paint, tools, etc.? Garage! What about junk, things you will never use again, and every random object imaginable? The garage of course! The garage often gets overwhelmed with clutter, as our lives get too busy to sort it all out.

Here are some storage and cabinet ideas that will help you to make sure that the next time you clean the garage, it stays that way!

Simple Organization

The best garages are always the most organized spaces, and the more organized they are, the easier it is to find things when you need them. Keep it simple. Choose a corner for storage that holds everything you needs for a specific task, such as everything you would need to find for a day out in the garden. Apply the same logic to camping equipment, sporting gear and DIY jobs.

Create space for your hobbies

Add smart storage to your garage so that it can accommodate an area for you to indulge in a hobby. Whether it’s woodworking, metalwork, a pottery wheel or a corner to work on things, turning your garage into a space you enjoy spending time in is worth the effort. Make sure there’s enough natural light to make it welcoming, and you can add color and life with extra lighting.

Make room for a built-in storage system 

You can declutter your garage all you like, but without drawers, shelves and cupboards to put things in, it’s still going to get messy over time. A storage wall is essential if your space is limited.

Over your head

Most garages are overflowing to the point that there is no room left for the car. You can solve this problem with storage hooks for hanging everything from bikes and surfboards to camping gear, and even baskets to hold balls. Also, don’t forget to think about overhead space when you’re looking for extra storage. You don’t have to have high ceilings to accommodate overhead storage. Keep items used the least often up high, and use large, labelled airtight storage bins.

Below you will find some ideas to help you start planning your garage organization, for more garage storage solutions click here and contact us today!

Idea #1: Sports Corner

Sports Rack2

Sports Rack

Sports Kit

Idea #2: Lawn & Garden Center

Garden Center Kit

Idea #3: Tool Cabinets

install_06 misc_02 Drawers open  hi-res

Idea #4: Overhead Storage

racks in garage6




Idea #5: Vehicle Show-off





Idea #6: Hobby Central

Custom Airplane Garage_slider



utility hook_thumb


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