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Epoxy Floor Coatings – 8 Tips for New Construction

Garage floors will undeniably take a more severe beating than any other floor space in your home. Even the worst kitchen spills and bedroom messes cannot compare to the kind of abuse that your garage will have to endure. Errant oil spills, extreme temperature changes, and heavy iron impacts from makeshift garage gym sessions will all quickly take their toll on garage floors that have not been treated with the proper protective coatings.

When most people think of high-quality protective coatings for their garage floors, the word “epoxy” springs to mind. The reality of epoxy coatings, with their widely disparate mixes and makes, is much more complex than most of the general public realizes. In fact, Global Garage experts use a different coating entirely. Global Garage prefers the use of a chemical coating called “Polyaspartics.” Though less familiar to the general public than epoxy coatings, this chemical is the far superior option, being measured as 3 times harder than epoxy mixes, and also being rated as 3 times as chemically resistant.

Whether you choose to make the superior choice with Global Garage’s Polyaspartics coatings, or opt for a less effective epoxy sealant, there are some common practices that can be applied to each. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to approach this project in true DIY-fashion, or are simply looking to familiarize with the process to keep yourself in the loop during your professional installation – regardless of your motivations for reading, the following 8 tips will help give you a greater understanding of effective epoxy floor coating construction!

Epoxy Floor Coating Construction Tips

  • Never apply a Cure-N-Seal or any type of sealant to new concrete. If your garage is in the early construction phase, you need to heed this advice. If you happen to be using a curing agent to speed up the concrete setting timeline, then be sure to choose a product without any sealer component included.
  • Concrete and wood steps alike can be coated, though it is best if the wood is plain rather than pressure-treated.
  • Typically, concrete mixes take a minimum of 28 days to cure. You must wait until this length of time has passed before attempting to apply a coating to your garage floor. Many experts recommend at least 45 days elapse before you apply a coating.
  • Radiant floor heat will not be a problem for your coating, whether you choose Polyaspartic or epoxy. These surface preparations will cause your heating systems no harm. Simply install the radiant floor tubing in the way specified by the manufacturer. Once the coating is cured wait a week and then bring the temperature back up slowly over 2-3 days.
  • If you intend to install your garage’s driveway at a later date, it is no problem. Your blacktop will not need to be poured before you apply your coating. Simply lay cardboard scrap down on the coatings so that the rollers can touch the floors without impediment.
  • If you intend to install base board or trim in your garage, it is best to do so after the floor coatings have been applied. This installation order prevents any future trim changes affecting the floor coating’s finish line.
  • If you wish to complete any painting tasks prior to your Polyaspartic coating, please ensure that it is finished at least 3 days prior to your Global Garage installation appointment. If this is not feasible, simply wait until the installation is complete, as painting afterwards is rarely an issue.
  • Do not worry about scrubbing the concrete surface clean prior to your installation. Global Garage experts will bring their own mechanical grinders. Simply clear the area of debris.


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