Failed Epoxy Floor in Readington NJ

We received a call from this homeowner in Readington NJ because his existing epoxy floor was failing just three years after it was installed. He contracted with one of the big homes stores who in turn subcontracted the job out. Upon the first signs of failing the homeowner called the home store and was told he needed to deal directly with the subcontractor. When he called the subcontractor all they did was send him a small sample of paint and told him to fix it himself. WHAT A DISASTER! Not only did the floor completely fail but it started out as a grey floor and faded into a greenish beige color. A perfect example of not only a poor job but even worse support form the home store as well as the subcontractor.

You will not have these issues with Global Garage Flooring and Design‘s polyaspartic concrete coating and we will guarantee that for the life of  your floor! This homeowner now has the peace of mind that the job was done correctly and will always have the support of their Global Garage franchise owner if the need ever arises! Check out these before and after pictures:

2015-02-26 09.39.52








2015-02-27 09.42.36








2015-02-27 09.42.45