Fearing Armorall

We fear Armorall because it makes it hard to put down our or anyone else’s floors over concrete.  Once we have coated the concrete you can use it all you want.

Let’s discuss why this is.  Armorall is made from a chemical called Polydimethylsiloxane or PDMS.  This group of chemicals are commonly called Silicones.  They are typically clear, inert, non-toxic and non-flammable.  These chemicals have all kinds of industrial and consumer applications, like caulking, breast implants and silly putty (seriously!).  They are typically impervious to water and this is why Armorall uses them for protecting things such as the tires on your car.

When you apply Armorall to your auto’s tires some of it will invariably get on the concrete floor.  If it is bare concrete it will seep down into the concrete plugging the pores.  When we apply a Polyaspartic floor we first grind the surface down to expose these pores where our products will flow into.  Unfortunately if the pores are already plugged our products can’t get in there.

When you have us do your garage floor please let us know if, and where you have ever used Armorall on your tires.  We can then treat the floor in a special manner so that our Polyaspartics will stick to your floor.

Once we have coated your garage floor with our Polyaspartics you can use Armorall all you want.

Lance Jensen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Global Garage, CEO

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