Free Up Space With Garage Storage Cabinets

Free Up Space With Garage Storage Cabinets

Our Global Garage Flooring team is recognized as one of the nation’s premiere providers of high-quality polyaspartic floors. In fact, Global Garage Flooring is the only place you can get a hold of our patented polyaspartic formula that has outperformed any other flooring solution when it comes to resisting impact, abrasion, and chemical contamination. The versatility of our floors has been celebrated across the country, but did you know that Global Garage Flooring also installs custom cabinetry and garage storage shelves?

The Global Garage Flooring team takes pride in their knowledge and experience in garage organization planning, and as a leader in this industry, quickly recognized the storage and space-saving potential of cabinets and garage storage cabinets. Let us share with you some insights about the space-saving power of these custom vertical storage solutions!

Save time and space with organized storage.

It is not uncommon to see a garage floor piled high with droves of debris, weathered cardboard boxes, and plastic containers. When home owners choose to treat their garage floor like a messy kitchen drawer, they are choosing to waste their time and to forfeit one of the most fun rooms in the house; after all, the garage is where the dream car gets assembled, where the skidoos and bikes are stored, and where most man-caves are erected.

Don’t waste time and space by turning your garage into a garbage dump. Our custom cabinetry can be crafted to hug any space to maximize available floor space, and best of all, cabinets let you compartmentalize. Consider the difference in time and effort trying to extract your tool box from a creeping pile of hoses, shovels, rakes, and drill bits, versus simply strolling over to the tool cabinet. You can even color-coordinate your different cabinets to give you a dashboard-style display, letting you take in the garage’s contents in a single glance.

Give your car some wiggle room.

Have you ever had the “pleasure” of pulling into your garage and having to slip out of a scarcely-cracked door, as though you were compromising in a crammed parking lot? This happens to thousands of Americans who crowd their floor space with disorganized overflow. This can feel like the walls are closing in on you, because they are!

Avoid dinged car doors and the need for acrobatic car exits with garage storage cabinets and custom cabinetry. These two custom-built options take advantage of theories laid out by city planners who fit multi-million person populations into limited space. Garage storage shelves, mounted cabinetry, and wall slats are the garage equivalent of the high-rise building, and give you endless vertical storage options. Easily attach s-hooks, 3×12 baskets, sports racks, work bench accessory kits, and other garage storage shelves, and storage anything from wheelbarrows to wrenches up high!

By freeing up space with cabinets, wall slats, and garage storage cabinets, you eliminate the need to risk outdoor parking. Don’t give vandals, bad drivers, or angry animals a chance – take back the security your garage offers your car by reclaiming space with our garage storage solutions!

The Global Garage Flooring team prides itself on their attention to detail and consistent customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking to mount a single custom cabinet, or have an entire garage organization plan tailor-made for your unique storage needs and personal pursuits, then we can help! Don’t give up the good fight against creeping walls of clutter; rediscover your garage space with some top-tier storage help. Simply visit and fill out the user-friendly contact form, or call 1-800-793-7898 for your free quote now!

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