Garage Storage Safety Tips from a Garage Experts Franchise

garage storage safety tips

At Global Garage, we believe that the garage is the most fun part of the home. Garage storage is only the tip of the iceberg; beyond being a dedicated spot for your car and seasonal gear, the garage is also a workshop, sporting goods area, and hang-out filled with some of the coolest tools and equipment on the property.

This garage storage and workshop space is a lot of fun, but many of the items found inside can be hazardous if used incorrectly, or in the event that they fall into the hands of small children. This is why you need a garage storage plan.

Global Garage experts provide a number of secure garage storage options to help you maximize your space without compromising on safety. From custom cabinetry to overhead options to keep unsafe items out of reach of children, we provide a number of helpful garage storage solutions!

Read on to learn some garage storage safety tips to keep your garage space as safe as it is fun!

Don’t be lenient about leaning your tools

After a long day of yard work, the last thing anyone wants to do is make an effort putting their tools away properly. It can be tempting to want to lean your tools up against the wall and head inside for a hard-earned rest, but you should try your best to resist!

Leaning items against the wall like that creates a wobbly row of sharp-ended dominoes waiting to be tipped over by a careless pet or child, or bumped into by an absent-minded park job.

Global Garage slat walls give you endless garage storage options for your tools that are as easy and accessible to adults as they are safe for children. Slat walls give you thousands of hook, hangar, basket, and racking options so that you can store the biggest ax or the tiniest trowel out of reach of curious kids. This option is actually easier than leaning, too, since you simply have to reach up and hook your tool in place rather than bending down and trying to balance it at the right angle. Best of all, this option frees up garage storage potential, making use of vertical space.

Keep all chemicals contained in secure cabinetry

The garage is the perfect place to store any heavy-duty chemical agents like pesticides, antifreeze, cleaners, and paints. Since these substances pose a risk to children and would ruin indoor areas and amenities if spilled, the garage storage space is best suited for these things.

However, simply sticking them in the garage is not enough. Whether they are looking sports gear or simply paying dad a visit in the workshop, kids get into the garage all of the time. If any of these chemicals are consumed by children, the results can be dangerous and even deadly.

Global Garage’s custom cabinetry system is a perfect solution for safe and efficient garage storage of heavy-duty chemicals. Made specifically for garage spaces, our cabinets are rugged and extremely well-built, and can be equipped with locks to keep your family safe. Color-coding your cabinetry can also help you identify when your child is straying too close to a dangerous storage area. Custom cabinetry may sound too expensive compared to stock options, but we design these to fit any budget! You can view our entire range of custom cabinetry solutions at

Do away with flammable flooring

Many homeowners tired of the shock of cold concrete on their feet will try to add some scraps of rug or tarp to their garage floor as a cheap alternative. These options provide some comfort, but pose a serious risk for fire damage because of their tendency to suck up flammable liquids that may have spilled. Additionally, you fallen nails, staples, or other sharp objects can get lost in the fiber of carpet and pose hazards to you and your family. Global Garage has a better solution, offering single-day polyaspartic floor installations that are extremely durable, easy to clean, and the safe alternative! Learn more at

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