German Brown Trout Garage Floors in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, Tx- Another fun and event filled week here in San Antonio. The heat is smoldering, but that just gives us more chances, and excuses, to kick on back in a pool and grab a couple cold ones while listening to the finest country music Texas has to offer. This week we did a bit of that, but we also did a couple of great jobs with some great clients. Our friend Dane was the first to rediscover his garage this week, he had a 700 sq ft floor, with 3 foot walls, all done in German Brown Trout. The walls came out wonderful, with a seamless finish, you don’t know where the floor stops and the wall begins, as I’ve said before German Brown Trout is a very popular color down here due to the colors of the rock and general house colors that are picked. It almost provides a more earthy tone to it, some people have said it looks like sand on the floor, and they feel as if they’re at the beach. The next floor was for a lovely lady Pam, she also rediscovered her floor in German Brown Trout. A 550 sq ft floor hers present less of a challenge with no 3 foot walls and also the size. Both of these satisfied customers rediscovered their garage, y’all give us a call and let us help you rediscover yours!

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