Global Garage of New Jersey Winter Discount!!!!

There is no better time to remodel your garage then now!!! There is still plenty of time before the spring arrives to have your garage transformed from a dingy storage space to a organized, functional and beautiful room of your house. Global Garage of Central New Jersey is offering a 15% discount on your complete flooring purchase if you schedule your install for February or March 2015.

One of the significant advantages of Global Garage’s polyaspartic concrete coatings is it’s all season application! While standard epoxies require  surface temperatures to be in excess of 50 degrees, our polyaspartic coating can be installed in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees. That’s why we are still installing garage floors while our competition is waiting for temperatures to warm up. Even with temperatures in the mid twenties we are still able to get the majority of jobs done in a single day!!!

So don’t delay.  Call Michael at Global Garage of Central New Jersey, 908-892-4045, to schedule your free estimate and design consultation.