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Why is so much attention given to bathroom and kitchen remodeling these days? Since meals and basic hygiene are a must, these areas become vital for a well-functioning home, but it is the garage where all of the fun is had!

The garage has so much potential, and can fulfill almost any function with the proper organization plan and storage solutions. Perhaps you are calling on Global Garage storage franchises to make room for a shiny new car or home gym. Maybe you have finally decided to “go pro” and take your handyman repair hobby to another level by creating your own workshop. Maybe you’re just sick of surrendering such a substantial chunk of your property to clutter. Whatever the case may be, Global Garage storage franchises can help you reclaim your rightful garage space today!


Expand your storage space while you improve your security.


A significant part of the Global Garage storage franchise is devoted to the installation of customized cabinetry systems. These cabinets are all made in America and held to the most premium production standards as they are specially-fitted to your unique space. Our careful custom construction maximizes available space by eliminating wastage from ill-fitting factory standards, and lets you tailor the look of your cabinetry to suit a stylish and livable area, or a rugged workshop depending on your garage’s function.

Custom cabinets can be mounted to take advantage of vertical storage space, while giving you much better organization, security, and accessibility than conventional overhead ceiling storage. Overhead storing is basically just a glorified version of the classic cluttered shelf, and its functionality pales next to our custom cabinetry solutions. Store anything from power tools to Chardonnays with our secure cabinetry systems that can be wall-hung at child-proof heights or outfitted with American-made locks. With hundreds of cabinet choices, all of which can be deeply customized with a selection of finishes, you are sure to find a cabinet system that suits your unique storage needs.


Trust your cumbersome equipment to our slat wall system.


Global Garage offers slat wall systems that are an excellent addition to any garage. These slat walls can be fitted with a myriad of hooking devices that are strong enough to carry all of the bulky items that you could not dream of fitting into a cabinet. Free up space for your car or hobby gear by hanging bikes, skies, wheelbarrows, and countless other objects from our slat wall system, and change the layout in a flash by easily adding or subtracting hooks at any time.


Take your work home with you!


There is perhaps no better way to reconnect with and reclaim your space at home than to find a way to earn an income on your own property! Spending your business hours at home will give you much more time to enjoy the property you worked so hard to attain. Mechanics, artists, handymen – whatever your vocation, a call to Global Garage can outfit your garage office, studio, or workshop for the demands of the job!

Our patented polyaspartic floor coating system is three times stronger, and more resistant to chemicals and wear, than any other epoxy coating on the market. That means you can confidently put in a work week from your garage auto shop and not have to worry about grease or oil spills, hot tire pick-up, or the impact of fumbled tools. The majority of our polyaspartic floor coating installations take no more than a single day, and can be applied year-round. Reclaim your property by spending quality time there, because it’s hard to take pride in the ownership of a place you treat like a fleeting hotel suite!


There is no need to treat your garage like a dirty little secret any longer. At Global Garage Flooring, we see the garage as the front door to the home, and believe it should be celebrated as a livable focal point rather than buried beneath a creeping wall of clutter. Visit to learn how you can reclaim your garage space today!


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