How We Do What We Do!!

Hello everyone! Today’s blog is geared towards providing you a detailed understanding of what’s involved and what you can expect when we apply your garage floor coating.

As you will see, there are several steps we need to follow which will result in a superior coating to any other product on the market. The process starts with the ever important prep work. First, we will tape off all the areas that we don’t want to coat with the finish such as walls, moldings, doors, and stairs. Next we will prepare the concrete floor to receive the coating. This is the most critical step in the process.

Unlike your standard epoxy coating which very often just use an acid wash to clean the floor, we actually use industrial walk behind concrete grinders to remove the very top layer of concrete. Not only does this provide a smoother surface but more importantly it serves to open the pores of the concrete.

This allows our polyaspartic coating to wick down deep into the concrete and form a mechanical and adhesive bond with the concrete. Think of it like the roots of a tree, weaving through the ground and holding that tree firm. That tree is not coming up without taking the ground with it. The same goes with our flooring. The coating is not coming off without taking the concrete with it!

Just like you wouldn’t paint a wall without patching the holes, we wouldn’t coat your floor without patching the cracks. Remember, a painting is only as good as the canvas it’s on! So once the concrete grinding is complete we will fill and smooth out any cracks, spalls and divots.

Now that the floor is prepped the fun really begins! All jobs will start with an application of a pigmented polyaspartic base coat. Our polyaspartic coatings have a higher viscosity then any other products on the market allowing it to seep deep into the pores of the concrete resulting in superior adhesion. We allow this coat to dry which will take roughly 15 to 20 minutes during the summer months and approximately 45 minutes in the winter months. Once dry, we will apply a polyaspartic clear coat which fuses with the base coat.

While this clear coat is still wet, we will broadcast the chip/quartz into it and allow this coat to dry as well. If you decide to install an inlay, we would sandwich the inlay between the pigmented base coat and the clear coat. We would cover and tape it off before the application of the chip/quartz.

Once dry, we will scrape the chip surface smooth by removing any jagged edges, for quartz floors any excess quartz will be swept up. Once all the loose material is removed we apply the clear polyaspartic top coat which protects the chips and really makes the colors POP!

The next and final step is my favorite of them all. It’s why I’m in this business. This final step involves unveiling the finished product to the homeowner.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions surrounding this blog please do not hesitate to call me at 908-892-4045 and be sure to look out for the next addition to the blog which will answer the question,

“Why use Global Garage Flooring and Design”.

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