Inlays are a very special part our work.  Since we are concrete nerds we get really excited about fancy little projects and details.  An Inlay actually goes under the flooring and can be seen up thru it.  Since the Polyaspartic finishes that we put on floors are water clear it has the effect of magnifying the logo or whatever else has been used as the inlay.


The Inlays are done thru a very interesting process.  We take the image that you want and have it reproduced on a special sticker.  After the first coat of Polyaspartics are applied we lay the sticker down.  Then the chip or whatever floor you want is laid down around it and then the final clear coat or coats is put over the top.


When we are finished the logo is protected and will last for the life of the floor.


There are many different uses for Inlays.  There is the obvious like school or team logos.  Then there are things like yellow striping or directional arrows for commercial projects.  They never need repainting.


So if you want something special on your floor from a school logo to a yellow stripe or a picture of your kids give Global Garage a call and we will make sure you get that custom touch you are looking for.

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