Is THAT your Natural Concrete? – Basking Ridge, NJ

Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey enhanced natural concrete and created a brand new look in the garage!

Signs of aging in the garage.

In general, garages take a lot of neglect and abuse.  The sands of time take their toll with pitting concrete, changes in temperature cause cracks, stains and spills multiply.  Speaking of multiplying, junk and clutter has taken over your space and it just keeps getting worse.  When this happens, it’s time to schedule your garage for an overhaul that will breathe new life into your home.

Hire a garage professional.

It’s time to remodel your garage and you are overwhelmed with the size of the project.  You really need a garage guru to walk you through the process and help with both the design and installation of your dream garage.  Global Garage Flooring & Design are the experts at engineering your complete makeover, providing reliability and excellent service that will make you enjoy the process.

Design the garage of your dreams.

Our company prides itself with quality concrete coatings that look fantastic and provide a flawless finish to your concrete floor.  There are so many options to choose from, you almost feel like you have to choose a color and texture to cover your concrete floor.  What would happen if you didn’t add pigment and inlay chips in your floor coating?  Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey tried it, and turns out they love the natural concrete look!  As with all our jobs, this floor was prepared meticulously by grinding and removing all surface imperfections in the original floor.  Then two coats of Polyaspartic top coat were applied to create a mirror-like, reflective finish that preserved the look of the natural concrete and offers long wearing protection.  Best news?  This 700 square foot garage floor was completed in only one day.  Clean and shiny, this space is ready to add cabinets and vertical storage for a complete garage makeover.

Is it time to rejuvenate the garage in your home?  Contact the professionals at Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey.