Monster Garage. Spooky Garage Ideas

Above photo credit and instructions

There is still time to be the fun house on the block for this year’s crop of trick-or-treaters. Here are some easy, fun ways to create the ultimate Monster garage using your garage door. There are all types of garage doors so hopefully one of these will work for your setup.

Door with Windows.

This is super easy. Cut hands out of black construction paper, tape in windows and turn on the garage light. Easy peasy. Click here for this and other ideas.

Decorate Garage Door

Talk about a Monster garage!

Click here or here for this and more Garage door design cutouts.

Garage Door Effects

This is my favorite of all the effects.

For video instructions to complete this look, click here. Warning, before you get too excited, you will need a projector for this as it is animated. There is surely a place near you that rents A/V equipment if you really love this. Or maybe you already own one for doing presentations. As mentioned in the video the download is in high def so ideally, you’ll want to use a 1080p projector.

Here are also some funs way to decorate the inside of your garage. However, if your garage floor is truly scary, in a “need to be repaired” kind of way, give us a call for a new floor estimate! 1-800-793-7898

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