Cabinets, The Windy City, Harry Caray and a New Franchisee

Cabinets, The Windy City, Harry Caray and a New Franchisee

We have a new franchisee at Global Garage and it is an exciting time for both us and him.  He is leaving a Senior VP level job with a large company.  After 20 years of the grind he is ready to get out from behind a desk; put his hands on a product he can be proud of and start his life as the owner of his own business.  During the discovery process his son often asked him “Daddy, do you have your own business yet?”  He is also ready to lose the 3+ hour a day commute!

For Discovery Day with him we traveled to Chicago and toured the company that makes our private label cabinets.  It was a fascinating day inside a really neat company.  The cabinet doors are made of wood that is powder coated.  Powder Coating in the past has just been done on metal products.  However, our cabinet shop and just 5 other facilities in North America have figured this out.  And, boy does it make a great product.  I’m not smart enough to share the technical side of why it works but it does work, and it works well!

On the airplane ride to Chicago I sat next to the perfect restaurant critic.  She lives in Chicago, is an attorney and doesn’t have any children.  This means she is in the area, has enough resources to eat out often and also has the time.  When I asked for a recommendation she spent the time learning about the client being entertained, figuring out where we were staying and even asked about the budget for dinner.  She recommended Harry Caray’s an Italian Steakhouse that was absolutely fantastic.  We had a great dinner.

At Global Garage we are proud and excited to work with a new franchisee and help him build his dream of owning his own business.

Lance Jensen

Global Garage, CEO

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