Organizing Your Gardening Tools This Summer: Global Garage Solutions for Green Thumbs

gardening tools

Brimming with colorful perennials and fresh produce, a healthy garden is a real sight to see. If you want to get the most out of your garden this season, you will need to spend a lot of time in the beds weeding and seeding, and Global Garage can help you get there! Read on for some garage solutions for storing and organizing your garden tools so that you can save money and time to get as much done as possible this season!

Keep your garden power tools in top condition

Sometimes gardening is not the cheery pastoral pastime we imagine it to be. Some jobs are quite opposite the image of leisurely flower planting and picking that garden evokes in some people’s minds. Edging, mowing, hedge-clipping, and felling trees takes a bit more muscle than a simple spade or shovel can provide.

Fortunately, you invested in some garden power tools. These modern marvels can cut your gardening time down to a fraction of what it would be with basic hand tools, but they require careful storage.

Though rugged, these outdoor power tools break down over time, and this process is accelerated if proper storage is neglected. These break downs cost you time and money. Repairs are expensive, and diminished performance decreases the time-saving value of these time-saving tools.

When it comes to safe and efficient storage, Global Garage solutions are king. We will craft a custom garage organization plan with you that suits your unique space and structural layout. Our slat walls are an extremely popular option for preserving garden power tools, since our heavy-duty hangars and racks make use of as much vertical space as possible. Hanging reduces the chances of bumps or drops that occur when tools are simply leaned on the wall, and also makes it difficult for insects to nest in their internal mechanisms. Most importantly, hanging puts your garden power tools within easy each so that they can be cleaned and maintained without having to spend a day playing “garage storage Tetris” just to reach them.

Get more done with our organized garage solutions

An organized garage allows you to keep all of your tools and supplies in a single dedicated spot to shorten the set-up and preparation phase once it’s time to get some yard work in. We can outfit your garage with hangars, racks, baskets, and hooks sturdy enough to handle both small hand and large power tools. You can even hang your wheelbarrow right next to your arsenal of shovels, racks, hoes, and trowels – our slat walls can handle it! Keep your mulch, fertilizer, bug spray, gloves, and sun screen in racks and baskets near your hose bib, and your entire gardening set-up will be done in seconds!

More time in the garden means more curb appeal and a biggest vegetable harvest. Our garage solutions can help!

Keep hazardous garden materials secure

When it comes to storing garden tools and supplies, there is more to think about than accessibility, organization, and making the most of your space. Pesticides and even some fertilizers can be hazardous if ingested by children or pets, which means that safety must be a part of our garage solutions for gardeners.

Global Garage’s custom cabinetry system is the perfect answer. Porting over closet cabinets just won’t do – our cabinets were created with the garage space in mind, and it shows in their durability and security capabilities. Our custom cabinets can be made to accommodate any storage needs, whether you need to safely house a tall bag of fertilizer or a stout pail of pesticide. They can be outfitted with secure locking systems, and color-coded to either help you stay organized, or add an extra danger warning with a cautionary yellow coat.

Global Garage is America’s leading provider of garage solutions for flooring, storage, and organization. We have experience in a variety of industries and have helped homeowners customize their garage for everything from automotive to gardening needs. Check out some more storage and organization solutions at, and set your garden up for success this year!


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