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Polyaspartic Finishes and Garage Floor Paints – A Breakdown

When it comes to garage flooring and finishing, Global Garage Flooring & Design has some expert advice. As garages become more of a point of pride than a point of entry to most homes, your garage floor deserves the very best.

There are many garage flooring solutions available, but none can viably compare with the polyaspartic finish. Global Garage Flooring & Design specializes in its patented polyaspartic surfacing, providing a quality of garage floor that is arguably the most cost effective, resistant, and beautiful. Paint finishes, another popular form of garage floor finishing, boasts less resilience, durability, longevity, and protection.

Of course, the resistance and resilience to chemicals that varying paint products will have will depend on their composition. One-part epoxy and two-part epoxy paints will be more resistant than standard acrylic paint, for example. However, polyaspartics feature a three times the resistance to chemicals than epoxy, making polyaspartics the clear choice for those seeking a better long-term solution to address their garage flooring needs.

Paint finishes are also susceptible to hot-tire pickup, meaning paint particles will adhere to hot tires when the two surfaces meet. As a result, paint needs to be reapplied often, sometimes in as little as months after the initial application. Polyaspartic finishes can take the heat, resulting in no hot-tire pickup. This means that polyaspartic finishes need not be reapplied regularly.

The degree of protection provided by paint finishes again depends on the paint’s chemical composition. However, even the most epoxy-laden paint products cannot compare with polyaspartic finishes when it comes to protecting the underlying concrete.

Paint finishes can often be custom designed and applied. However, polyaspartic finishes are just as customizable, with beautiful custom inlays, chip, metallic and quartz patterns, to name a few.

When it comes to garage floor finishing, you deserve the very best. Experience the difference a polyaspartic garage floor finish can make with Global Garage Flooring & Design. Contact Global Garage Flooring & Design today for a free estimate. Most jobs are completed in one day, with the customer walking on it the next. Rediscover your garage with Global Garage Flooring & Design.


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