Resurfacing your Front Porch– Dover, NJ

Have you ever considered resurfacing your front porch?   Let’s see how Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey created a brilliant flooring plan for this stunning home in Dover, NJ.

Preparing the Front Porch for Grand Entrance

A wide, concrete porch spans the entire front of this home, creating a unique opportunity for a dramatic entryway.  The design professionals at Global Garage Flooring helped the owners choose a Kona colored Quartz finish to complement their beautiful masonry work.  The Quartz concrete coating provides durability, wear ability and anti-slip traction to this heavily used area.  To get the porch ready, the Global Garage team first grinds the concrete, preparing the perfect surface to adhere the concrete coating.  Next, they skillfully apply the color pigment and long lasting, protective Polyaspartic top coat.  This labor intensive project will usually be completed in one day, causing very little disruption to the homeowners. 

Garage Interiors that are Way above Average

Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey found much more concrete located in this family’s garage and the homeowners decided they should tackle this project at the same time.  The same diligent preparation process is used, sealing all cracks and grinding out all imperfections to create a clean, smooth palette for the base coat. This garage floor was textured with a ¼” Blended Chip called German Brown Trout and finished with a shiny and protective Polyaspartic top coat.  The final result is a clean, dust-free, and smooth to walk on finish that resists cracks, spills and temperature changes.  As these homeowners can testify, finishing your garage floor with Global Garage concrete coatings will expand the usability of your garage and create additional floor space within your home.  You’ll be amazed how much you love to be in your new garage!

This family is delighted to have both of the main entrances to their home completely transformed.  Right now is the perfect time to prepare your home for this winter, contact Global Garage Flooring & Design of Central New Jersey for a free estimate today!

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