Spurs Fans Get a New Garage Floor at Canyon Lake, TX

Canyon Lake, San Antonio, TX- We did a garage floor out in a subdivision right on the south/western side of Canyon Lake, you could see the water from our customers house, it was beautiful. Canyon Lake is one of the few lakes in central Texas that is very near full if not full. It’s a sprawling lake, nestled among steep and wooded hills. This 8,240-acre Canyon Lake is one of the deepest and most scenic lakes in Texas. With 80 miles of shoreline and an average depth of 43-feet, Canyon Lake features seven public parks with excellent outdoor recreation opportunities. Our customer, John, was also very close to the Guadalupe, about a mile from where the Guad, as us Texans call it, runs into the lake. John has a very large garage, a 4 car, about 900-1000 square feet. The color that he chose, Granite, went wonderfully with the colors within his garage. His wife picked it out, being the devoted Spurs fan that she is. She actually attended Game 5 when the Spurs won the title. Very special moment for her I’m sure. We have definitely come away with some great stories and wonderful friends. Hopefully this week will hold many more fun and exciting times as well!! Come and rediscover your garage with us! See y’all!


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