Staying Grounded – Exposing Garage Remodeling Myths

It’s easy to dream about owning a beautiful garage.  Maybe you have always wanted an awesome man-cave where you can display your favorite sports collections.  Or possibly you love gardening and crave a Pinterest-worthy gardening bench.  Regardless of your passion, we guarantee there’s space available in your garage to make your dreams come

The truth is, garage spaces are often overlooked, under-utilized and mis-managed.  With all this confusion, we thought we would clear up a few myths that may keep you from staying grounded in your garage.

Myth #1 – There’s not enough space for my stuff!

False!  While garages tend to fill up pretty quickly, keep in mind that these are typically one of the largest areas of the home.  They also routinely come without any storage spaces, forcing us to “pile” our belongings on the floor.  Our Global Garage Flooring & Design experts help homeowners design their garage space and create zones for storage and hobbies.  Global Garage offers cabinetry and vertical storage solutions that maximize every inch of your garage and get your gear off the floor.  All of a sudden, your garage doesn’t look so tiny!

Myth #2 – Garage remodels take too long, where do I put my stuff while it happens?

False!  Global Garage Flooring & Design can complete floor refinishing projects in a day by using our Polyaspartic finishing materials.  Available in a wide range of colors and textures, you can have your custom garage floor installed and completed in one day, even in rainy or colder temperatures.  In addition, they offer moisture barriers that will protect the life of your flooring for years to come.

Myth #3 – Custom garages cost too much.

False!  Garage remodeling has become as common as kitchen remodeling, at a fraction of the price.  A custom garage will add character, value and organization to your home.  Contact your local Global Garage Flooring & Design franchise for a free estimate today!

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