Sweet Restoration! Austin, TX

We’ve all seen this problem; stained, pitted and damaged concrete in the garage and driveway.  What’s the solution?  Call Global Garage Flooring & Design of Austin and get out of the way!  Jeff Kenney and his Global Garage crew attacked this super-sized restoration near Austin, TX.  Outside, the team pressure washed and stained the driveway, walkways and patio.  Inside the garage, they sanded and repaired the concrete and then applied a dazzling triple coat of Polyaspartic.  Finishing touches include custom cabinets and a Storewall™ organization system.  Now this property sparkles inside and out and is protected from future damage.  Why would you ever live with dingy, sad concrete when the solution is so simple?  Visit our website to find out more, globalgarageflooring.com/Austin.

Driveway1 Driveway5 Driveway2 Driveway4 Driveway6