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2 Reasons You Need to Protect your Concrete Sooner Rather Than Later

protect your concrete

If you have just moved into your dream home and opened the garage door to find barren concrete staring back at you, it is in your best interest to invest in a protective topical sealer as soon as you can. Doing so now makes the most sense, since the majority of your belongings have yet […]

4 Reasons the Garage is No Place for a Carpet Flooring Company

carpet flooring company

If you are looking to renovate your garage, then let us congratulate you! The garage is truly the most fun part of the home, and because it often ends up buried under a myriad of hobby-stuff and storage clutter, it also has the most potential and provides the greatest return on your home improvement investment. […]

3 Reasons Global Garage Flooring Outperforms Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

epoxy floor coatings

There has been a considerable amount of content made available online and by home maintenance authorities that highlights the dangers of a barren concrete floor in your garage. The porous surface of exposed concrete is a nightmare to clean, and is equally unpleasant to slip and fall on. Over time, exposed concrete breaks down under […]

Why Seamless Garage Floors Make Sense

Why Seamless Garage Floors Make Sense

Over the years, the Global Garage flooring team has received thousands of calls from customers looking to have a polyaspartic floor coating lain over their current concrete floor. These requests have come from a diverse client base with different garage ideas in mind, from artists looking for a stain and slip-resistant floor for their garage […]