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Corvette Cave is Fast and Furious!

Here at Global Garage Flooring & Design we love to transform practical into passion!  Take a look at this 3-car garage flooring installation in Warren, NJ.  We inlayed a 4-ft Corvette Logo into ¼” Brook Trout Chip and it looks fantastic!  Projects like these really rev our engines!  Contact Global Garage Flooring & Design today […]

From the Ground Up!

Start with a solid base! That’s why this Pennington, NJ homeowner chose to begin his garage remodel with Global Garage Flooring and Design. We provided step one with a pristine polyaspartic Coho chip floor and a speedy, one day installation. On budget and on time! Request a free in-home estimate today! globalgarageflooring.com/CentralNewJersey

Deck Your Garage with Seasonal Storage

Fall is in the air, kids are back in school and your life is beyond busy again.  The last thing you have time for is dealing with the crisis looming in your garage.  Yet there it is…  Summer gear is still hanging out, waiting to be told the party is over.  Seasonal decorations are buried […]

2 Reasons You Need to Protect your Concrete Sooner Rather Than Later

protect your concrete

If you have just moved into your dream home and opened the garage door to find barren concrete staring back at you, it is in your best interest to invest in a protective topical sealer as soon as you can. Doing so now makes the most sense, since the majority of your belongings have yet […]

Garage Floor San Antonio, Texas, Dominion, Venice court

San Antonio, Tx. Dominion- Another wonderful day to rediscover your garage, and once again we find ourselves in the lovely Dominion, this spacious subdivision features an expanse of beautiful homes, and today’s home was no exception. Our homeowner, Claudia had her eye on this home for some time, a couple years after purchasing another home […]

Garage Floor, Gallaria dr, Dominion

This garage floor in San Antonio, Texas turned out fantastically.  a good job done by Global Garage Flooring & Design of San Antonio.  Go Spurs!!  


Inlays   Inlays are a very special part our work.  Since we are concrete nerds we get really excited about fancy little projects and details.  An Inlay actually goes under the flooring and can be seen up thru it.  Since the Polyaspartic finishes that we put on floors are water clear it has the effect […]

Epoxy vs Polyaspartics

Epoxy vs Polyaspartics I get asked all the time “why are Polyaspartics better than Epoxy for Garage floors.”  The simple answer is that they are 3 times Harder than Epoxy, have 3 times the Chemical Resistance and the garage can be done in one day.  But, let’s talk more about what this means and how […]