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Main Entrance – Novi, MI

It is proven that if you own a garage door opener, then you are probably using the garage as the main entrance to your home.  It makes sense that you want your garage interior to feel as welcoming as your front door.  Global Garage Flooring & Design of Southeast Michigan are professionals at total garage […]

Garage of the Week – Southeast Michigan

Our “Garage of the Week” pick goes to Global Garage Flooring & Design of Southeast Michigan for completely rocking this new cabinet installation.  This stylish home in the Dexter-Pinkney area already had the cool metallic floor going for it.  Global Garage Flooring & Design completed the look with a wall of Redline powder coated cabinets […]

3 Questions to Ask Your Garage Experts Franchise

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If you are thinking about upgrading your garage space, you will need to hire on a garage experts franchise. Flooring, cabinetry installations, and overhead storage set-ups are tricky aspects of any garage upgrade project, and they each need to be done right! If you choose the wrong garage experts franchise, it could cost you money […]

Organizing Your Gardening Tools This Summer: Global Garage Solutions for Green Thumbs

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Brimming with colorful perennials and fresh produce, a healthy garden is a real sight to see. If you want to get the most out of your garden this season, you will need to spend a lot of time in the beds weeding and seeding, and Global Garage can help you get there! Read on for […]

Why Settle for Stock Storage Options? 2 Reasons to Go Custom with Global Garage

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With countless reality TV shows, magazines, and online articles centered on home improvement in recent years, it is clear that home improvement is on the minds of many Americans. This term is a bit abstract, though; home improvement is about much more than hanging sheetrock, mowing the lawn, and slapping on a new paint job. […]

3 Garage Storage Ideas for the Ultimate Home Hobby Den

3 Garage Storage Ideas for the Ultimate Home Hobby Den

With its open floor space and wide entryway, the garage is undeniably one of the best storage areas in the home. Indeed, many people decide to dedicate their entire garage to storage. Though we hate to see the possibility of a garage wasted entirely on storage, what’s worse is seeing homeowners who neglect to even […]